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ECON 1102, Microeconomics Principles – This is an introduction course to microeconomics which deals with individual decisions made. It was my first course in economics and I learned a lot from this course.

HRM 1101, Leadership and Organizational Management – This course prepared me to address the challenges of leading high performing organizations. I got to learn a lot about leadership, ethics and organizational structure of a business.

STAT 1102, Quantitative Methods for Business II – This course was a really fun experience for me, as I learned the key concepts of Differentiation and some brief insights towards Statistics.

PHYS 0847, How Things Work: The Physics of Everyday Life – Physics is applied everywhere in our day to day lives, and this course brushes over the key concepts used such as momentum, force, gravity and many more.

ENVT 0845, The Environment: In today’s world characterized by rapid and global environmental changes, it is crucial that people have an understanding of the key concepts in environmental science.

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