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I love to gain knowledge, regardless of any topic and so my interests do vary. Technology very much excites me as it is constantly evolving. I am inclined towards learning more about this field due to my past experiences while learning C++, SQL, HTML, and XML in high school.

History and Cartography are another subjects of my interest for which I have a passion to learn. Through years of reading random events of history, I have truly formed a passion towards various empires of the past.

(Above) The mighty Gupta Empire. One of my favorite empires for their various contributions. At the peak of their time, they controlled a quarter of the world’s GDP!

Recently, I have been reading a lot of Mythological and Philosophical books as they seem to capture my interest. I am very interested in learning something new, even if it is in a minute detail, every day to expand myself intellectually.

(Above) The most common adaptation of the philosophical book Bhagavad Gita. A book which provides spiritual discipline and philosophical answers to the various problems.


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