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  • Paytm is an e-commerce payment system/digital wallet company based in Noida, Uttar Pradesh, India. Paytm Mall is a subdivision of the company, operating its e-retail. I was assigned to the Brand Verification Department, which handles the various sellers and brands selling products on the platform.
  • The tasks assigned by the Team Leader involved compiling reports via the use of Hive, a query language; using the reports to add, create new restrictions, delete or freeze multiple brand IDs, and solving the queries of the sellers via a ticket system on the platform through Salesforce. The job also required assisting the Team Leader by providing research and analysis on a company profile which sold unauthorized products of a brand on the platform.
  • As a Trainee in the Brand Verification Team:
    • Managed to restrict more than 1000 unique brand IDs every week through the use of ApaceHive and the custom Paytm Seller Portal.
    • Solved more than 30 sellers raised queries called “tickets” via the use of Salesforce. The tickets were web or call based that involved contacting the sellers and resolving the tickets within the allotted time.
    • Compiled reports of more than 70 Brand Infringement cases weekly using Microsoft Excel and a custom Catalogue Panel.
    • Provided analytic and research support to the Team Leader during Copyright Infringement cases as reported by companies.
  • This internship taught me how information systems and technology are blended together with business principles to run a company. Relying on MIS centric applications such as Salesforce, a Customer Relationship Management to manage the seller queries, taught me how beneficial a CRM is for a company to manage relations with their customers. Reliance on Business Analytics by compiling reports, and analyzing them to make decisions on which Brand IDs to remove or its use during Brand Infringement cases showed me how these skills are very beneficial to a company. All of the knowledge that I gained by taking the MIS 2101 course really helped during my internship. Database plays an essential part in a company, managing and operating one can be a difficult task. I learned how structured query language (SQL) plays an essential role in the database system. Compiling reports by writing a specific query to get the required data and then applying visualization to it to help the Team Leader in making uniform business decisions. Even though the skills that I have learned in the upcoming MIS 2502 course are brief but taking the course will benefit me by understanding the concept more briefly.

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