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Working Papers

(Drafts available upon request):

Digitization for Grand Societal Challenges”

1. Mitigating Traffic Congestion: The Role of Intelligent Transportation Systems

(with Min-Seok Pang and Paul A. Pavlou)

presented @ ICIS 2016, @ CIST 2016, @ Erasmus Energy Forum 2017

*** “Best Paper of the Year”, @ 2016 FOX Doctoral Student Research Competition (2nd-Year Student)

2. Should We Play A Game? An Empirical Investigation of Location-Based Mobile Gaming on Mental Health
(with Brad N. Greenwood and Paul A. Pavlou)
presented @ SCECR 2018

to be presented @ CHITA 2018, @ INFORMS Workshop on Data Science 2018

3. Mobile Technology, Attention Allocation, and Student Performance: A Video-Tracking Field Experiment
(with Zhe Deng, Pedro Ferreira, Paul A. Pavlou)

presented by a co-author @ CODE 2017 SCECR 2018

to be presented @ WISE 2018, @ CIST 2018, @ CODE 2018

Digital Strategy for Customer-Centric Business”

4. Information Transparency and Customer Churn: Evidence from Insurance Industry

(with Ting Li and Paul A. Pavlou)

presented  @ WISE 2017, @ CIST 2017, ICIS 2016, @ SCECR 2016, @ INFORMS Annual Meeting 2016

*** “Best Track Paper” and “Most Innovative Research-in-progress” @ ICIS 2016 (HCI Track)

*** “Best Paper of the Year”, @ 2017 FOX Doctoral Research Competition (3rd-Year Student Group)

5. Free Shipping Promotion – Leveraging Scarcity and Popularity Information – A Field Experiment

(with Ting Li and Dimitrios Tsekouras)

presented by a co-author @ CODE 2017

to be presented @ICIS 2018

Work in Progress

Digitization for Grand Societal Challenges”

6. Automated Enforcement on the Road: Surveillance Technology and Traffic Safety
(with Zhanyu Dong, Min-Seok Pang)

to be presented @ CHITA 2018, @ CIST 2018

7. Skill-biased Technological Changes Again? Matching Platforms and Local Labor Markets

(with Xue Guo, Paul A. Pavlou)

To be presented @ INFORMS Annual Meeting 2018

*** “Best Paper of the Year”, @ 2017 FOX Doctoral Student Research Competition (2nd-Year Student Group)

Digital Strategy for Customer-Centric Business”

8. Mobile Advertising as a Customer Retention Strategy: Evidence from a Randomized Field Experiment
(with Ting Li)

to be presented @ CODE 2018

Note: The full names for above conferences and workshops are as follow,
ICIS: International Conference on Information Systems
WISE: Workshop on Information Systems and Economics
CIST: Conference on Information System & Technology
CODE: Conference on Digital Experimentation @ MIT
SCECR: Statistical Challenges in e-Commerce Research
CHITA: Conference on Health Information Technology and Analytics

Published Research Paper

Cheng, Zhi Aaron, Angelika Dimoka, and Paul A. Pavlou. “Context may be King, but generalizability is the Emperor!.” Journal of Information Technology 31, no. 3 (2016): 257-264.

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