Biography of Stephen Salvia

Stephen SalviaOver the course of my career in technology I have served in multiple roles, gaining hands-on experience and knowledge across a wide range of disciplines has afforded me the ability to align a firm's strategic direction with the detailed responsibilities required to make an Information Technology organization successful. My passion is to deliver practical yet innovative solutions to meet the organization’s business environment and technology challenges. Leading initiatives in the development and implementation of mission critical applications, integration of core business systems and delivery of services through client facing channels such as web, mobile, voice and service center have been the measure of my success. Leveraging my strengths in application architecture, cloud based services, social networks, operating system platforms, project management, business-analysis and team leadership have been the ingredients to successfully delivering technology initiatives, with budgets ranging from $50k to $23 million. The key to my success has been centered on the development of trusted partnerships with business stakeholders through strong communications and presentation skills. Where appropriate leveraging third party vendor products and services have also been an effective tool to augment internal resources and keep total cost of ownership low.
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