MIS senior presents research at major national conference

Erick KoeckReceiving notable recognition for a research paper is not what senior Eric Koeck originally set out to do.

What started as Koeck’s summer research project turned into a presentation he delivered at the 2017 Winter American Marketing Association (AMA) Conference in Orlando. The paper, “Tweets, Retweets, and the Brand Positioning of the 2016 U.S. Presidential Candidates,” is co-authored with two professors from Temple University’s Fox School of Business – Dr. David Schuff and Dr. Susan Mudambi.

Koeck, a 22-year-old senior who majors in Management Information Systems (MIS), utilized different tools to scour the Twitter feeds of each presidential candidate. Then, he analyzed the difference between word choice and how those words affected the virality of their tweets. To do this, candidates were split into two groups: insurgent candidates (or those who never held political office with their respective political parties) and establishment candidates (those who had).

“I’m very interested in data analytics and I wanted to complete a project that would give me the opportunity to work with that,” said Koeck, a Collegeville, Pa., native. “I was forming this project when the presidential primaries were in full swing. I’m interested in politics and an active Twitter user. It lined up nicely as something into which I could really immerse myself.”

The main findings, Koeck said, showed that insurgent candidates were more likely to express both positive and negative emotion, as well as gender references, while establishment candidates were more likely to express affiliation. In addition, the traits most positively linked to retweets were negative emotion and female gender references.

Impressed organizers of the AMA conference waived Koeck’s fee, and his travel expenses to and from the conference were sponsored by Temple’s Creative Arts, Research, And Scholarship program.

The three-day event provided eye-opening exposure for Koeck.

“It was a really great experience,” he said. “I learned a lot about academia and business research. One professor from a university in Canada asked me to send her my presentation, because she was interested in her students following the election closely.”

While Koeck remains humble, his capabilities, as they pertain to research, have not gone unnoticed.

“They were both wonderful,” Koeck said of working with Mudambi and Schuff, Professor of MIS. “Dr. Schuff has been mentoring me on this project the whole way through, and Dr. Mudambi helped us integrate different marketing concepts into the paper so that it was appropriate for AMA. Dr. Schuff’s work is relevant to my interest in analytics and statistics, which made sense for our collaboration. I was really glad when he agreed to work on this with me.”

As the trio work to get the paper published in an academic journal, Koeck prepares to present the project to state legislators at Temple Undergraduate Research Day April 24.

Future opportunities for Koeck, a graduating senior, already have sprouted. Said Koeck: “Starting in September, I’ll be working for PricewaterhouseCoopers in their Advanced Risk and Compliance Analytics practice. I interned there last summer and had a good experience so I’m excited to start my career there.”

Carine Lavache



Executives Paul Amorello and Todd Sprinkle join Fox IT Advisory Board

Paul Amorello

Paul Amorello

Todd Sprinkle, CIO, QVC

Todd Sprinkle

Information technology executives Paul Amorello from Campbell Soup Company and Todd Sprinkle from QVC, Inc., have joined the Fox IT Advisory Board.

Amorello serves as Vice President of Global IT Services and Chief Information Officer of Campbell Soup Company. Sprinkle serves as Chief Information Officer of QVC, Inc.

Composed of IT industry leaders, the Fox IT Advisory Board guides Temple University’s Fox School of Business in its mission of strengthening its reputation and curriculum as a nationally ranked provider of integrative business and technology education and research.

“It is a privilege to welcome Paul and Todd to the Board,” said Dr. Munir Mandviwalla, Executive Director of IBIT and Chair of the Fox School’s Management Information Systems (MIS) department. “Technology drives new business strategy and product, and their experience and leadership will support the collective vision and savvy of our IT Advisory Board.”

Amorello and Sprinkle join the 17-member Fox IT Advisory Board that features professionals and executives in the technology, finance, entertainment, healthcare, retail commerce industries, and more.

Amorello, as VP of Global IT Services and CIO, delivers technology solutions that drive sales growth, innovation, and cost savings. He has held various titles with Campbell Soup Company, which he joined in 1997. In 2004, he was selected by Consumer Goods Technology Magazine as one of the industry’s 25 most-influential leaders. Amorello earned his Bachelor of Business Administration degree in finance and his MBA in information systems from Iona College.

Sprinkle, in his role as CIO, oversees QVC’s global IT organization spanning seven nations, and at QVC’s global business services operation in Poland. He has held various leadership positions since joining QVC in 2007. Sprinkle led QVC’s mobile development, including the introduction of iOS and Android apps, and QVC’s responsive design implementation. He earned his Bachelor of Science degree in microbiology from the University of Georgia.

Christopher A. Vito
Temple University
215-204-4115, cvito@temple.edu

IBIT creates new initiative to engage smaller IT companies

Chris Cera

Chris Cera

Sukumar Narayanan

Sukumar Narayanan

The Institute for Business and Information Technology (IBIT) at Temple University’s Fox School of Business has launched a new initiative to engage small and innovative technology companies.

Arcweb Technologies and DecisivEdge, LLC, have been invited as the introductory members of IBIT’s Small Company Membership Program. The new program aims to engage smaller firms with current members of IBIT, and the students and faculty of the Fox School’s Department of Management Information Systems (MIS).

The Small Company Membership Program will create a more diverse, better-rounded membership that comprises businesses of all sizes, and across multiple industries, said Dr. Munir Mandviwalla, Executive Director of IBIT and Chair of the Fox School’s MIS department.

“IBIT is excited to welcome Arcweb Technologies and DecisivEdge, LLC, as its first members of the Small Company Membership Program,” Mandviwalla said. “Both firms will serve as invaluable resources to Fox MIS students, with senior leaders from each firm serving as mentors and guest speakers.”

Additionally, IBIT announces that Chris Cera, Chief Executive Officer of Arcweb Technologies, and Sukumar Narayanan, President of DecisivEdge, will join the Fox IT Advisory Board. Composed of IT industry leaders, the Fox IT Advisory Board guides the Fox School in its mission of strengthening its reputation and curriculum as a nationally ranked provider of integrative business and technology education and research.

Philadelphia-based Arcweb Technologies is a digital product development company focused on the finance and healthcare industries. DecisivEdge, LLC, based in Newark, Del., is a business consulting and technology services company.

Christopher A. Vito
Temple University
215-204-4115, cvito@temple.edu

Professors Wattal and Greenwood receive fellowships

Professors Sunil Wattal and Brad Greenwood received prestigious named research fellowships at the Fox School’s Eighteenth Annual Research Roundtable and Teaching Awards on November 9th, 2016. These fellowships are only awarded to the top researchers in the school. In addition, a number of MIS faculty and doctoral students were also honored with research and teaching awards.

Richard J. Fox Research Fellow
Dr. Brad Greenwood

Irwin Gross Senior Research Fellow
Dr. Sunil Wattal


  • Dean’s Research Honor Roll
    Dr. Paul Pavlou
    Dr. Xueming Luo
  • Top 10 “Highly Cited” Faculty Members
    Dr. Angelika Dimoka
    Dr. Xueming Luo
    Dr. Paul Pavlou
    Dr. Detmar Straub
  • High Achievements in Sponsored Projects
    Dr. Angelika Dimoka
    Dr. Paul Pavlou
  • High Achievements in SSRN
    Dr. Brad Greenwood
    Dr. Xueming Luo
    Dr. Paul Pavlou
    Dr. Sunil Wattal

Doctoral Research Competition

    First Place: Xue Guo
    First Place: Aaron Cheng
    First Place: Kartik Ganju
    Honorable Mention: Sungyong Um


  • Dr. Richard Flanagan
    MS Program in ITACS Professor of the Year Award
  • Prof. Wade Mackey
    MIS Part-Time Faculty Teaching Award
  • Dr. David Schuff
    MIS Full-Time Faculty Teaching Award
  • 2016 Departmental Adjunct Teaching Award for Excellence in the Classroom
    Prof. David McGettigan

Top 15th for the fifth year in a row!

Kenny Lam

Fox MIS continues No. 1 in the world ranking for research productivity

FOX MIS Research No. 1 2016The research output of the Temple University Fox School Management Information Systems (MIS) Department continued to be ranked No. 1 in the world in the 2015 update of the rankings based on Association for Information Systems’ (AIS) List of High-quality Journals, specifically Management Information Systems Quarterly (MISQ) and Information Systems Research (ISR) for the 2013-2015 period. See http:/www.myvisionresearch.com/rankings, My Vision Research. The 2015 update was released in late spring 2016.

Temple MIS tied for the number 1 spot with City University of Hong Kong and The University of Texas at Dallas. The analysis focused on Management Information Systems Quarterly (MISQ) and Information Systems Research (ISR), which are the acknowledged top two ‘A’ journals in the field.

Fox MIS also achieved the number 1 rank in 2014, 2013, 2012, and 2010 (third in 2011).

MIS graduate programs ranked in the top 15!

IBIT addresses U.S. cyber talent crisis through partnership with Lockheed Martin

NCAC 2015Temple University’s Institute for Business and Information Technology (IBIT) joined forces with Lockheed Martin in Washington D.C. in November 2015 to host the first annual National Cyber Analyst Challenge.

The competition, which welcomed 44 students and nine faculty advisors from nine universities, was designed to enhance students’ skills in combatting cyber-attacks and address a cyber talent crisis in the United States. The three-month, multi-phase competition aimed to inspire today’s technologically literate students to pursue careers in cyber security.

The result: It worked. Nearly 60 percent of the competition’s student-finalists completed online profiles with Lockheed Martin.

One of the students remarked “Also, hearing everyone tell us how valuable we are was a nice ego boost going into this field!”

The participants also rated the competition highly on the metric of ‘learned a lot’ (score of 1.33 on a scale of 1 to 5) and ‘value’ (score of 1.15).

“Cyber security analysts represent a critical skill need for most organizations,” said Chris Kearns, Lockheed Martin’s Vice President of Enterprise IT Solutions. “These students showed great promise through their hands-on teamwork to solve real world challenges and progress through the competition.”

According to SimplyHired.com, in mid-2015, there were 26,980 open cyber-security related positions. The need in these positions is less for operators and more for analysts. As threats multiply and diversify, intelligence analysis and identification is becoming critical, rather than secondary to the ability to configure or code secure servers. Yet, the job seekers in the talent pipeline find it difficult to integrate operational skills with strategic threat and cyber analysis. The goal of the National Cyber Analyst Challenge was to provide students with the opportunity to integrate specific operational skills with strategic threat analysis.

In the first phase of the competition, students pored over 75 gigabytes of data to find the cause of the simulated hack. Then the teams submitted 10-slide summary reports to explain their respective solutions for preventing future cyber-attacks. In the second phase, in which only nine teams competed, the students received training from industry experts. The competition culminated in a real-time practical challenge held at Lockheed Martin’s Global Vision Center in Crystal City, Va., in November.

A panel of industry experts, scoring finalists on technical proficiency, judgment, and communication, awarded the winning team $25,000 in prize money. Runners-up received awards of $7,500-$15,000 to support student, faculty, and curriculum development.

“It was gratifying to work with Lockheed Martin to create such a student- and faculty-centric opportunity,” said Dr. Munir Mandviwalla, IBIT’s Executive Director and the Chair of Management Information Systems at Temple’s Fox School of Business. “We hope to increase the national cyber talent pool across the nation’s top programs in Management Information Systems, Computer Science, and Engineering.”

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