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FOX BBA MIS Ranked Top 15 (again!)

FOX MIS named “a major national player” by review team

FOX MIS ranks number 1 in the world for research

Temple Chapter wins first place (yet again!) at international AIS competition

WSM_6134Temple’s AIS Student Chapter dominated the Fifth Annual AIS Student Leadership Conference and Competition as it swept with first place wins in both of its competition categories. These victories mark three straight years of Temple’s clinching first-place at the AIS conference – further affirming a remarkable year for the chapter, which was recently named Chapter of the Year by the Association for Information Systems (AIS).
Held over March 20-22, 2014, in Phoenix, AZ, the AIS conference hosted 200 participants from schools around the globe, whose student teams had the opportunity to enter into various competition tracks. Fox MIS students competed in the IT Service Management and Social Innovation pools, going head-to-head with other student teams before securing decisive first-place wins.
Supervised by professor Carey O’Donnell, Temple’s first place IT Service Management team members were Brittany Hafer, Gabrielle Lopez, Thomas Patterson, and Veer Patel
Gabrielle Lopez reflected on the experience: “We approached the case with the idea of aligning IT with business needs, something we’ve learned since MIS 2101,” she said.
The members of the first place Social Innovation team were Ryan Boyce, Tatsuya Emoto, Stephen Lauver, and Horatio Thomas.
“Each one of our members brought a significant contribution to our final solution,” said Horatio Thomas. “We developed a low cost web application that uses crowd-sourcing and modern web technologies. This application cuts cost, increases productivity and develops mentorship, tutoring and advising programs in underfunded schools.”
The AIS conference’s goal is to connect students, faculty, and corporate representatives, share best practices on operating and funding the chapter, and foster valuable (and competitive) information-system based activities. This year, as with previous years, Temple was more than up to the challenge.
Congratulations to professor O’Donnell and the Temple champions!

Temple AIS wins 2013 Student Chapter of the Year

aissliderThe Association for Information Systems (AIS) has named Temple AIS Chapter of the Year, the highest honor any student chapter can receive. And it’s not just for the glory, either: with this distinction comes $1,000 in grant money, allocated for 2013 student initiatives.

Temple’s first place win follows three years of having been named runner-up as Outstanding Chapter, and reflects incredible dedication from its student members. A committee of faculty and students oversaw this year’s rigorous selection process, poring over annual reports to find the chapter with the most “exceptional, well-rounded, and organized program,” notes AIS.

We have continued our legacy of offering our members the best in professional development and networking opportunities. Each one of my twenty officers has been working like crazy to make sure we pull all of this off seamlessly. It is a pretty awesome group of students. We have the most intelligent and creative students in the Fox School.

Josh Wise, Chapter President

Founded in 1994, AIS is the world’s premier organization for academics specializing in Information Systems. The Chapter of the Year recipient must “lead the research, teaching, practice, and study of information systems worldwide,” says the organization.

Chapter of year

As its 2013 title indicates, Temple AIS set benchmarks for other chapters, fostering an environment in which its members could thrive in the field of IS and as a cohesive community. Chapter President Joshua Wise attributes much of his chapter’s success to the group’s unique personality and culture of “entrepreneurial spirit” — comprising a buoyant blend of teamwork, fun, and (friendly) competition. “We like to challenge each other and find new ways of doing things,” notes Wise.

Among the chapter’s banner accomplishments and offerings in 2012-2013:

  • Top placement in every category entered at last year’s 2013 AIS Competition, hosted by Walmart in Bentonville, Arizona (Two 1st place finishes; one 2nd and one 3rd place ranking)
  • $5,000 in prize money invested in the Patriot Fund
  • Over 175 members, and a spike in meeting attendance (tracked via an attendance program coded by AIS officers)
  • Professional development and networking events with speakers from Comcast, NBC Universal, Cigna, Ernst and Young, AstraZeneca, and J.P. Morgan
  • Workshops every Friday and Saturday featuring technical training intensives
  • Well attended social events and community service initiatives, including $800 raised for CHOP and computer repair for non-profits

Current officers of AIS include: