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I use quantitative methods to answer questions related to information technologies. A broad agenda of my research is to use real-world data to analyze firm and consumer behavior in online markets, with primary interests in two research areas – (1) electronic commerce and online marketing, and (2) online two-sided markets and economics of platforms. My research uses interdisciplinary approaches that include field experiment, econometrics, Bayesian Statistics, structural modeling, and text mining techniques.


Examining the Impact of Keyword Ambiguity on Search Advertising Performance: A Topic Model Approach (with Vibhanshu Abhishek and Beibei Li, MIS Quarterly, 2018, forthcoming) (SSRN)
— CIST 2014 (Best Student Paper Award), CSWIM 2014 (Best Paper Award Nomination), WCBI 2014, Marketing Science Conference 2014,


Substitution or Promotion? The Impact of Price Discounts on Cross-Channel Sales of Digital Movies (with Michael D. Smith and Rahul Telang, Journal of Retailing, 2015)
— WISE 2013

Working Papers

Uber Might Buy Me a Mercedes Benz: An Empirical Investigation of Sharing Platforms and Durable Goods Purchase (with Brad Greenwood and Yiping Song; under 2nd round review at Management Science) (SSRN)
— WCBA 2017, CSWIM 2017, Platform Strategy Research Symposium 2017 (poster), NBER Summer Workshop 2017 (poster), CIST 2017 and INFORMS Annual Meeting 2017


On Using a Lottery in Crowdfunding Platforms: ‘Crowding in’ the Masses But ‘Crowding out’ Success (with Zuyin (Alvin) Zheng and Paul Pavlou; invited for 2nd round revision at Information Systems Research) (SSRN)
— SCECR 2017, CIST 2017, ICIS 2017


Monetary Incentives, Online Reviews, and Product Sales: An Empirical Investigation (with Shuting ‘Ada’ Wang and Paul Pavlou, preparing for resubmission)
— ICIS 2016


Onsite Retargeting: A Large-Scale Randomized Field Experiment (with Dimitrios Tsekouras and Ting Li; preparing for submission)
— CSWIM 2017, SCECR 2017, ICIS 2017


A Two-Sided Matching Approach for Online Labor Platforms (Solo author; working paper; preparing for submission) (SSRN)
— WITS 2015, Marketing Science Conference 2016, Platform Strategy Research Symposium 2016 (poster), CIST 2016 (poster)


Call for Bids to Improve Matching Efficiency in Online Labor Markets (with Xue Guo and Paul Pavlou, preparing for journal submission)
— INFORMS Annual Meeting 2016, ICIS 2017, WITS 2017


Vanishing Borders in the Internet Age: The Income Elasticity of the Supply of Foreign Labor in Virtual versus Physical Markets (with Yili Hong and Alejandro Zentner, working paper available)
HICSS 2018


Competitive Poaching in Search Advertising (with Siddharth Bhattacharya and Sunil Wattal, preparing for journal submission)
— CIST 2017, CODE@MIT 2017, WISE 2017


Regulation and the Sharing Economy (with Yang Yang, work-in-progress)



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