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I use quantitative methods to answer questions related to information technologies. A broad agenda of my research is to use real-world data to analyze firm and consumer behavior in online markets, with primary interests in two research areas – (1) electronic commerce and online marketing, and (2) online two-sided markets and economics of platforms. My research uses interdisciplinary approaches that include field experiment, econometrics, Bayesian Statistics, structural modeling, and text mining techniques.


  • Examining the Impact of Keyword Ambiguity on Search Advertising Performance: A Topic Model Approach (with Vibhanshu Abhishek and Beibei Li, MIS Quarterly, 2018, forthcoming) (SSRN)
    • CIST 2014 (Best Student Paper Award), CSWIM 2014 (Best Paper Award Nomination), WCBI 2014, Marketing Science Conference 2014
  • Substitution or Promotion? The Impact of Price Discounts on Cross-Channel Sales of Digital Movies (with Michael D. Smith and Rahul Telang, Journal of Retailing, 2015)
    • WISE 2013
  • Monetary Incentives and the Supply of Foreign Labor in the Borderless Internet Age (with Yili Hong and Alejandro Zentner, Journal of Management Information Systems, 2018, conditionally accepted)

Working Papers

  • Uber Might Buy Me a Mercedes Benz: An Empirical Investigation of Sharing Platforms and Durable Goods Purchase (with Brad Greenwood and Yiping Song; under 2nd round review at Management Science) (SSRN)
    • WCBA 2017, CSWIM 2017, Platform Strategy Research Symposium 2017 (poster), NBER Summer Workshop 2017 (poster), CIST 2017 and INFORMS Annual Meeting 2017
  • On Using a Lottery in Crowdfunding Platforms: ‘Crowding in’ the Masses But ‘Crowding out’ Success (with Zuyin (Alvin) Zheng and Paul Pavlou; invited for revision at Information Systems Research) (SSRN)
  • Monetary Incentives, Online Reviews, and Product Sales: An Empirical Investigation (with Shuting ‘Ada’ Wang and Paul Pavlou, preparing for resubmission)
  • Onsite Retargeting: A Large-Scale Randomized Field Experiment (with Dimitrios Tsekouras and Ting Li; preparing for submission)
  • A Two-Sided Matching Approach for Online Labor Platforms (Solo author; preparing for submission) (SSRN)
    • WITS 2015, Marketing Science Conference 2016, Platform Strategy Research Symposium 2016 (poster), CIST 2016 (poster)
  • Call for Bids to Improve Matching Efficiency in Online Labor Markets (with Xue Guo and Paul Pavlou, preparing for submission)
    • INFORMS Annual Meeting 2016, ICIS 2017, WITS 2017
  • Competitive Poaching in Search Advertising (with Siddharth Bhattacharya and Sunil Wattal, preparing for submission)
    • CIST 2017, CODE@MIT 2017, WISE 2017


  • Regulation and the Sharing Economy (with Yang Yang, work-in-progress)


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