About Me

General Information:

Major: Management Information System (MIS) Major, Fox School of Business

Class of 2019

GPA: 3.93

Email: Long.Duc.Nguyen@temple.edu

My name is Long Nguyen and I am a sophomore at the Fox School of Business. I am originally from Hanoi, Vietnam but I am currently residing in Washington, DC. As a person who is not sure of my dream job title, I believe MIS is the best major because of its flexibility and adaptability across industries.

Information Technology Skills:

  • Database Management: MySQL
  • Business Intelligence: Tableau, IBM Cognos
  • SAP Training

Career goals:

My first industry of interest is the sporting industry. As technologies begin to evolve, sports teams are more and more reliant on data and technologies to vastly improve their on the field performance. What are the team’s areas of improvement? What exercises should the team implement for maximum result? What tactical changes are necessary to deal with the next opponent? I believe big data and data analytics will reveal insights into those important questions facing sports teams today.

My second industry of interest is the media and entertainment industry. In the past few years, technologies have enabled companies to move their content online. The appearance of platforms such as Netflix and Hulu enables movies and TV shows to be streamed online anytime, anywhere. In the gaming sector, consumers are moving away from using physical discs to downloading games from online stores. Sony and Microsoft are competing against each other to produce the best entertainment platform. Technologies are transforming the industry to focus more on the customer’s immersive experience such as virtual reality. I believe big data will benefit the media and entertainment industry immensely with its predictive capability, which in turn leads to better product development and trend prediction.


I am an avid soccer fan with a specific interest in the Barclays Premier League. I also like to play and learn multiple other sports such as basketball and flag football. I also like to travel to new places around the world and explore the culture and traditions of those new places.

MIS Badge

Official badge awarded by the
Department of Management Information Systems
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  • Assist at a department sponsored event
    Spring 2017

Events Attended

  • Fox IT Awards
    Spring 2017
  • AIS professional development workshop
    Spring 2017