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    I use Lyft, a data-driven ride sharing service multiple times a week to get around Philadelphia. If we were to put this data on a spreadsheet, the rows would represent individual customers, and some of the columns would represent the number of rides completed, rides cancelled, average grade of ride (Lyft uses a 1-5 star scale), and average ride distance.

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    A key performance indicator used by all students is the Grade Point Average. This is a great example of a KPI because he GPA covers all of the SMART criteria:
    Specific- a broad spectrum to valuate an individual’s grades
    Measurable- distinct metrics to approximate one’s grades overall
    Achievable- depicts where you score and clearly defines…[Read more]

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    Although data science does have a significant impact on the advertising and sports industries, I’d argue that it affects healthcare the most. At the very top, the actuaries that decide our premiums rely heavily on data science when determining how “at risk” we are for certain health issues. Doctors rely on predictive analytics to make diagnoses or…[Read more]

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