Integrated Application Development


Please see the course syllabus for general project information.

(1) The following document describes the first project deliverable: MIS3502-Project-Document-1.docx

Here is a template worksheet for keeping track of use cases: UseCasesTemplate.xlsx (and here is an example from a another project: mytechUseCases.xlsx )

First deliverable artifacts: ,

(2) The following document describes the second project deliverable: MIS3502-Project-Document-2.docx (Due 2/24)

Second deliverable artifact:

(3) The following document describes the third project deliverable: MIS3502-Project-Document-3.docx (Due 3/30)

(4) The following document describes the fourth and final project deliverable: MIS3502-Project-Document-4.docx (Due 4/25)

Resource file for deliverable 4:

Professional Achievement Points

Students in MIS3502 teams who consistently meet expectations and deliver an excellent project solution at the end of the semester will receive 50 professional achievement points each.  Students in MIS3502 teams who meet consistently meet expectations and deliver a satisfactory project solution at the end of the semester will receive 25 points each.  Teams who fail to make satisfactory progress throughout the semester, and/or who do not create a working final solution will receive 0 points.

The evaluation of student work (excellent, satisfactory,unsatisfactory) is done at the sole discretion of the instructor.  Here are some things that will be considered:

Excellent Provide all deliverables in a timely manner.
Work shows attention to detail and a thoughtful/original approach to the problem
Visually appealing interface
Final Prototype works
Satisfactory Provide all deliverables in a timely manner.
Work shows attention to detail.
Final Prototype works.
Unsatisfactory Deliverables are late and/or incomplete
Final Prototype does not work or has glaring errors/omissions.


Team Members
2 Xueming Guo
Kuolun Chang
Run Zhu
3 Weiming He
Mohit Patel
4 Andrew Levandowski
Jason Randolph
Matt Leaver
5 Leor Capunitan
Jonathan Kerr
6 John Canavati
Tim McNiff
Jeffrey Craskey
Office Hours

10 am - 11:30 am, Monday
10 am - 11:30 am, Wednesday
10 am - 11:30 am, Friday
Other times by appointment

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