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Hands-on virtual reality.

Microsoft has been developing what they are going to call the HoloDesk.  This device is essentially a see-through screen paired with a Kinect camera which creates the illusion that users are physically interacting with virtual 3D objects.  Check out this video for a deeper description of the HoloDesk’s capabilities:


via youtube user MicrosoftResearch

So far the HoloDesk is being used to simply move 3D objects without any real purpose.  I see this evolving into many gaming applications which will further transform these virtual environments into reality.  Also, the fact that there is no actual contact involved has led me to imply that this technology will see much use in the medical field as a way to deter the spreading of germs.  Instead of hitting a physical button individuals could click on a virtual button to accomplish the same task without running the risk of spreading germs.

This technology could influence the way we interact with machines.  Do you think that this technology will have any other positive influences on society?