Firecracker Shot

I recently discovered a new shot that I LOVE! It is called a “Firecracker”, and is meant to taste like the red, white, and blue firecracker popsicle. It is really sweet, so for people who don’t like sugary tasting shots – this might not be for you. This is a fun idea for events like a 4th of July party. The ingredients make it hard to taste any liquor in it, so for people who generally aren’t good at taking shots: give this a try! To make this shot, you’ll need:

-Black Haus liquor (1/2 oz per shot)

-Blue Curacoa Liquor (1/2 oz per shot)

-Sour Mix (splash)

-Sprite (splash)

-Grenadine (1 drop)

First, grab a shaker or a pint glass and fill it up with ice. Then add the black haus, blue curacoa, sour mix, and sprite. Cover the shaker/glass and shake to mix all of the ingredients together. The shot should look bright blue. Grab a strainer and pour into the shot glass. Then, add a drop of grenadine. The shot will end up blue on top with a little bit of red on the bottom. Serve and enjoy!

** This shot is really neat looking, so I will add a picture of one after I work this weekend!


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