How to use this site

We’ll be using the MIS Community Site for this course. I am an author of this blog, but so are you. Each of you will be able to leave comments and make new posts. You’ll only be able to edit and delete your own posts and comments, so don’t worry about causing damage.

There are several ways in which you can contribute to the site:

1) Following each week’s class, I’ll post a question for discussion. Answer that question by leaving a comment on the blog post. The idea is to keep the discussion going throughout the week, and this will be one of the things I consider when determining your participation grade.

2) You will post your writeup for two case study analyses during the semester. This is part of the requirements of that assignment. I’ll create a post each week that you’ll be able to use to post your analysis by leaving a comment.

In the weeks you’re not posting your own analysis, read the others’ analysis and feel free to leave comments on them (but be nice).

3) If you come across a topical article that you think your fellow scholars should see, make a new post and share it! Don’t cut-and-paste though – just post the link and a sentence or two about what it is about. And if you see something posted, support the effort and leave a comment.

Finally, if you want immediate access to the latest MIS5101 posts, grab an RSS Reader for your smartphone and subscribe to this feed. You’ll never have a boring train ride again!

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  • Dr. Schuff, Is there online help for this forum? In particular, I am curious how you got your head shot to appear with all your postings.

    • There’s very general help in different places throughout the site. But I don’t think there’s anything that specifically addresses profile configuration.

      However, to get a picture to appear with your postings, log into the site with your AccessNet ID and then go to “My Account/Profile/Change Avatar.” From there it will let you upload a picture.

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