12th Annual IT Awards

The Twelfth Annual IT Awards happened without a hitch last night. There was many people in attendance including undergraduate students, MIS alumnus, faculty, members, and guests. The MIS program was ranked apart of the top 20 in the nation for 2012 according to U.S. News. It was a proud moment for the MIS Department and showed that they were not only the best in teaching but also in research. The awards opened with the warm welcome from the Fox MIS Advisory Board Chair, Bruce Fadem, Dean M. Moshe Porat, and Associate Professor, Chair, and Executive Director, Munir Mandviwalla. Then everyone welcomed Michelle Dy-Reyes, AIS president of Temple University Chapter, who seemed be the favorite from all the students. As you may know, the AIS Temple Chapter was awarded the Outstanding Student Chapter in 2010 and 2011 which shows all the hard-work from its members.

The awards presentation included the Fox IT Leader, Innovator, and Distinguished Alumni awards. Those awards were given to Adrian R. Gardner from NASA, K. Venkatesh Prasad from Ford Motor, and Marc E. Snyder from KPMG respectively. The recipients made great speeches about the award, how meaningful it was for them, and the empowerment of technology that lead them to be where they are now. There were also awards for MIS students, MIS Researcher of the Year, Faculty Leadership, Teacher of the Year, Administrative Achievement, Administrative Leadership, IBIT Information Technology, and many more. All those awards work as a motivation for the MIS Department to work harder and encourage students to put in 110% every day.

This event was a great experience that I strongly encourage all Temple students to join it every year even if you are not a MIS major/minor. It is a great place to network and exchange information with each other and professionals. So mark the date for next year so that you don’t miss this event.

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