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PwC Case Competition

PWC Final Presentation



PwC Challenge Case Competition is sponsored by PwC which is one of the big four accounting firms. It was conducted on Feb 5th, 2019 in 1810 Liacouras 5th Floor and the final round was in Alter 131 Presentation room. Our team’s name was Pentagon and ours was a team of five including me. The challenge was to compare the three cities given, for the company to relocate.  We used pie charts, histograms, and textbox to compare the different cities and also to suggest the best alternative. The measure used was \\\’ quality of life \\\’: based on factors like family, cost of living and then opportunities. We improved learning how to work with tableau and also use other data analytics sites to add it to our project. We also added a video to our slide showing the results of a short survey we did regarding the quality of life.

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