Portfolio points

port•fo•li•o (pôrt-fo¹lê-o´, port-) noun – The collection of materials which are representative of a person’s work: a photographer’s portfolio; an artist’s portfolio of drawings.

portfolio leaderboardAs an entry-level IT professional, what is in your portfolio? Besides your transcript and your diploma, what do you have to show to employers that you are going to be a successful IT professional? At Fox MIS, students show their academic and professional development success by:

  • creating and maintaining a digital identity (e-portfolio)
  • (new) compiling a required portfolio of professional development activities that is based on acquiring points for each activity
  • (new) gaining recognition for their achievements through the e-portfolio wire and portfolio point leader board.

MIS students start to develop a portfolio in their first MIS class and continue to receive opportunities to add to their portfolio as they progress through the curriculum.  Checkpoints throughout the curriculum make sure that students stay on course to graduate with the required number of minimum points. Students  receive points for participation in professional development activities and for applying academic learning to practice (e.g., internships, student organization leadership). Students showcase their achievements on e-portfolios.

The portfolio points program was started in spring 2012 by Professor Mart Doyle.

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