New Online Master of Science Degree Combines Marketing and Technology

MS DIMIn Spring 2015, the Fox School of Business will offer a brand new Master of Science degree in Digital Innovation in Marketing–delivering all of its classes entirely online. The program is one of only a handful of graduate degrees in the country that explores the intersection between information systems and marketing.

Students pursuing the degree will become well-versed in new marketing innovations that extend to the mobile, social, analytical, and online spheres, integrating marketing, advertising, sales, and logistics across physical and digital channels.

“The demand for people with this overlapping skill set is huge,” said Bruce Hohne, the program’s Director, whose career has led him from Rohm and Haas to hibu to teaching full-time at Temple. “The field is growing and there hasn’t been much of a source of talent generation—until now.”

By harnessing the far-reaching power of online learning, and not requiring any on-site residency, the program will be maximally accessible to students. Those enrolled will reap the benefits of an online classroom environment that is ideal for teaching and engagement.

“The learning objectives will be tied to the style of delivery,” said Hohne, as he described some of the powerful learning tools at Fox’s disposal. These will include:

Bruce Hohne

Program Director Bruce Hohne

Learnathons,” which will foster intense, concentrated interaction by utilizing web conferencing and small group sessions; co-creative tasks and self-study, which require that instructors and students generate, share, and comment on course content interactively, but on independent schedules; meet-ups, which comprise informal online discussions; and professional development tools like e-portfolios, identity management, career development, and interactions with potential employers.

The roster of professors who have signed on to teach the new curriculum are both academic thought leaders and “real-world practitioners,” poised to train students in the most current generation of tools and techniques available today. “They will draw from professional experience that extends far beyond the classroom,” said Hohne.

Post-graduation, the career possibilities are abundant. Armed with the new Master of Science degree, graduates will be primed for an enormous variety of paths, from marketing analysis to online marketing management to data science.

The Master of Science in Digital Innovation in Marketing is presented jointly by the Department of Marketing and Supply Chain Management and the Department of Management Information Systems.

For more information on the program or enrollment please visit here.

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