Christopher M. Edmundowicz

Major: BBA MIS
Graduation: May 2016


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During the summer of 2015, I had the pleasure of interning with Merck & Co. in their Manufacturing IT department. This division of Merck is dedicated specifically to supporting the Manufacturing operations across the world. I was able to rotate between the West Point, PA, Whitehouse Station, NJ, and Branchburg, NJ offices.

My primary efforts were focused on being a project manager for a data integration project. Titled “Darwin,” the project gave me the opportunity to work with SAP, learning how to extract, harmonize, and send data to another tool that will aid in the supply chain automation process. As a project manager, I worked with the extract, transfer, and load team to keep track of the project progression. I created a comprehensive project plan, and would hold regular update meetings to make sure everything was staying on schedule. In addition to these meetings, I would meet with members of both my team and the business to make sure everyone was on the same schedule and all necessary resources were had. I would always be sure to ask if there was anything I could do to help, and I was given multiple assignments to help relieve others of various tasks. Additionally, I was able to develop and keep track of a file readiness sheet, in which we worked with the development team to ensure the requirements were met for the files we were extracting tables for. Working with the Darwin ETL team was a great privilege and I was ecstatic to learn something new every day!

In addition to Darwin, I also worked in the Digital Shop Floor space. My efforts here consisted of working with subject matter experts to create Use Cases that resembled Merck’s current production system architecture. This way, developers who will be working to improve the digital shop floor systems can see which use cases are the most important and valuable to the people who use these systems every day.

I was also able to work with another intern on his TeamSpace for MMD-IT New Hires. In this assignment, I was able to help my colleague develop a curriculum for the MMD Analytics IT section of his website, compiling everything a new hire would need to know about MMD-IT Analytics. Working with a few key people in my division, I was able to gain all the information deemed relevant to the team space and put it on the website for the new hires to have easy access to.

While at Merck, I had the amazing opportunity and privilege of learning so much! I am looking forward to remaining in a role where I can work both with the technical and business parts of software solutions.

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