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Technology Risk Consulting Intern

I recently completed my two-week virtual internship experience at RSM. I was a TRC intern, and while I didn’t get to complete any actual client work, they gave us every opportunity to learn about the TRC department and RSM as a whole.

I, along with the other Consulting interns, was assigned both a Capstone project and a Case Study. For the Capstone, my group designed an event designed to introduce students to Augmented Reality because we believe it will become ubiquitous in coming years.

The Case Study had us analyze the processes and controls of a plastics manufacturing plant to find strengths and weaknesses. We derived recommendations from our analysis and presented to Philadelphia Risk Consulting Principal, Sudhir Kondisetty and Director, Rob Frye. My team was able to identify every single strength, weakness, and recommendation on the “answer key” that was later given to us.

This internship, while not what I expected, taught me a lot about consulting and technology risk. I thoroughly enjoyed learning about how RSM approaches their client work and what I can expect as an Associate. I look forward to applying this knowledge in the Fall, when I take Lead Global Digital Projects with Professor Martin.

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