Minor in ITIE

The Information Technology Innovation and Entrepreneurship (ITIE) minor integrates the enabling role of IT with the drive of entrepreneurial thinking. The minor includes courses in Entrepreneurship, Management Information Systems (MIS), and other related areas. The minor is appropriate for all majors and particularly relevant for students in Marketing, Finance, Human Resources, Management, and MIS. ITIE minors can drive new IT enabled innovative projects in existing firms and create technology enabled start-ups.

The minor is a joint venture between the MIS department and the Strategic Management department.

Kae RobbenIn today’s environment, employers and employees must come up with innovative ideas to benefit the business. The ability to think creatively adds value to any company. I chose the ITIE minor to learn how to analyze situations in non-traditional ways, and it has allowed me to come up with solutions I would have never thought of before.
Kae Robben, ITIE Minor

John CarsiaI selected ITIE as a minor because I feel IT skills are essential for aspiring entrepreneurs. Knowing how to leverage technology today can help you improve efficiency throughout every aspect of your business and separate you from competitors.
John Carsia, BBA MIS, ITIE Minor


1. SGM 3501: Entrepreneurial and Innovative Thinking

2. MIS 3536: Information Systems Innovation

3. Select two electives:

  • MIS 3504: Digital Design and Innovation
  • MIS 2502: Data analytics
  • MIS 3581 Co-operative Experience in Management Information Systems
  • SGM 3503: Managing New and Small Enterprises
  • MKTG 3505: Entrepreneurial Marketing
  • BTMM 4614: Creating a Media Business


  • Fox school majors cannot double count courses they have already completed for their major.
  • Entrepreneurship majors can take the ITIE minor but they cannot double count courses already taken for their major. They will need to substitute the required SGM 3501 for a different course. Students are encouraged to find a relevant course appropriate to their interest. This course will need to be approved in advance.
  • MIS majors can take the ITIE minor but they cannot double count courses already taken for their major. They are encouraged to take the non-MIS courses for the electives.

Complete the ITIE minor declaration form to declare the ITIE minor.

For more information, please contact Joseph Allegra | joe.allegra@temple.edu


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