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AIS Mentorship Program

AIS Mentorship Program 2019-20


Fall 2019

Being new to Temple and MIS, the AIS Mentorship Program really help me become more confident and familiar with my major. My mentor, Sean Boyer, was a truly caring individual who took the time to understand me and my goals. I valued all my sessions with my mentor where he would provide me with an abundance of insight and knowledge on how I could become the best version of myself as a student and professional. From this experience I have taken away a new sense of motivation to attack my studies and professional career! Moving forward, I hope to share the knowledge and experience I’ve received to new opportunities.


Spring 2020

Coming into the Spring semester of my freshman year, I was very fortunate to continue the AIS Mentorship Program with my mentor Sean Boyer. Sean continued to be a generous resource and kindly welcomed all my concerns and questions with open arms. Throughout the second semester, Sean helped me build confidence and encouraged me to take on new challenges and opportunities such as applying for an executive board position and become an upcoming Information Technology Assistant. Additionally, Sean helped improve my professional and academic success through giving me advice in my studies and helping me choose classes for the upcoming semester. Although our time was cut short due to unforeseen events, Sean continued to make my mentorship experience a priority and was consistently available to provide me with knowledge and resources. Under his guidance, I was able to accomplish numerous goals within my freshman year. I aspire to one day have Sean’s kindness and exemplary leadership.


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