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Information Technology Assistant, May 2020 – Present
As an Information Technology Assistant, I work with Professor Leila Hosseini to assist in facilitating the Introduction MIS2101 Class. I attend a weekly night class where I provided support in teaching topics such as Salesforce, JavaScript, HTML, and CSS. Aside from weekly classes, I provide additional support to students by holding office hours for tutoring and reviewing class materials. I also communicate student performance to the instructor through evaluating In-Class Activities and Assignment-Projects. 

MIS Student Worker, August 2019 – Present
As a student worker, my responsibilities include providing aid to the MIS Department through assisting faculty members with projects such as database management and other ad hoc activities. Aside from faculty, I also provide support to students by being an open-source at the front desk to answer questions related to MIS and graduation requirements. This position has challenged me to critically think and problem solve efficiently in order to accomplish newly assigned tasks. Additionally, the position provided me with the opportunity to network with faculty and staff which allowed me to gain knowledge and build confidence.


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