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CEO & President

September 2018 – April 2019


Clayroma is a company committed to creating a healthier lifestyle through convenient lifestyle changes. Our company aimed to help as many people as possible start using more healthy and sustainable alternatives to conventional products. As a result, our company researched and sold clay air fresheners that utilized organic essential oils. Clayroma was made possible through Junior Achievement, a program dedicated to mentor high school students in practices directly related to the real business world. Students worked with professionals from notable companies. Clayroma was mentored by IKEA. As a company, Clayroma had 4 departments including Finance, Supply Chain, Marketing, and Sales.


During my Senior year of high school I was elected as President and CEO. As President, I implemented transformational leadership skills towards a team of 21 members and made executive decisions concerning the overall company. Upon liquidation, Clayroma made 651 sales, a profit of $1,724.98, and a return on investment of 172%. Additionally, Clayroma competed in the Junior Achievement Southeastern Pennsylvania Regional Competition along with other companies in the program. At this competition I placed 2nd for President of the Year. The roles as President and CEO challenged me to be a leader and build meaningful relationships with my team members in order to establish trust and passion. Moving on from the role, I value all the lessons it has taught me and reflect on my experiences when I am venturing to new opportunities.
Check out our slides showing how Clayroma progressed as a company here!


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