Taylor Trench

Major: BBA MIS
Graduation: May 2022


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Welcome to my E-Portfolio!

Hi! My name is Taylor Trench. I am a junior Management Information Systems (MIS) major at the Fox School of Business with a minor in Statistics and Data Science. I am a member of the Business Honors Program and the University Honors Program. I am currently enrolled in the Fox IT Auditing and Cyber-Security 4+1 program, which is an accelerated Master’s program that allows me to begin taking graduate courses my junior year of college. I am excited to continue pursuing my MIS degree and enter the IT field with the business skills Fox has provided me!


I was born and raised in Springfield, Pennsylvania. I am one of three sisters in my family, me being the middle child. I was first introduced to the technology field by my father, who studied Computer Science and is currently a Senior IT Manager. Hearing my father talk about the various opportunities and innovations in the field sparked my interest in pursuing a similar career path myself. However, IT was not my only passion as a child. Growing up, I was always interested in art, which I believe allows me to provide a creative perspective when it comes to the IT field. A fun fact about me is that I have a black cat named Oscar.

picture of family


Throughout my college experience, I have been working hard to build and fine-tune all the skills necessary to be successful in the MIS field. My various business and MIS courses have allowed me to continue honing my leadership abilities. I am also extremely interested in coding and have been studying the main coding languages to bring this skill to future employers. I am in the process of perfecting my JavaScript skills as well as HTML and CSS.

Future Plans

I am hoping on entering the professional field as soon as I graduate from my undergraduate studies while completing my final year of graduate school. I am planning on entering the Cyber Security field and working alongside other IT professionals. My main goal is to be involved firsthand in the innovation of the information sciences processes.

Professional Achievements

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