Tyler Nelson

Major: BBA MIS
Graduation: May 2016


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unnamedGrowing up music had a huge impact on my life. When I was 12 I got my first guitar and began playing hours everyday. I was involved with some small bands growing up that helped teach me the ins and outs of playing and writing music. In high school I took a course on music theory and a couple courses on music technology that I thoroughly enjoyed. I worked with multiple programs that allowed me to not only record what I played, but also create new music with the use of looping and sampling different tracks. During my junior and senior year I took an applied music class where I focused even more on electric and acoustic guitar and got to play recitals for my fellow classmates. To this day I’m very happy that I never quit playing music because it has always been a passion of mine.


couslersignThroughout my summers in high school I did volunteer work at my local park through Manchester Township in York, PA. The park offered a summer program where kids would get dropped off for a few hours and the volunteers would help set up games and activities for the kids to participate in. My job was to be there at 9am every weekday to help prepare the activities for the kids and stay half an hour after it was over to aid in cleaning everything up. I found that the summers that I spent as a part of this program were some of the best summers I ever had. I enjoyed being around the kids and getting to feel like I was a part of something. The park also kept me active playing basketball, soccer, and even games such as capture the flag. I feel as though this experience has helped me learn how important it is to get involved in your community not only for others but for yourself as well.


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