Tyler Nelson

Major: BBA MIS
Graduation: May 2016


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urlWhile in high school I worked at a local Italian restaurant called Marino’s for three years. I started out bussing tables and after about a year I was promoted to restaurant host. Four to five nights a week I would occupy the front of the restaurant and perform various duties that were required of me. These duties included taking reservations, seating parties at their tables, answering the telephone, and operating the cash register. I primarily dealt with making sure that our customers had a pleasant experience from the minute they walked into the restaurant until the minute they walked out.

I really enjoyed working at Marino’s because I acquired the ability to work as a team with others, make timely decisions, and serve customers with respect. Towards the end of my three years there I was asked to train the new employees that my manager was hiring. It gave me a sense of accomplishment considering that of all the hosts there, I was the one who was asked to train the new workers.

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