Tyler Nelson

Major: BBA MIS
Graduation: May 2016


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fox-sobI am currently working as an Administrator for  the Fox Business school’s computer literacy test. Passing the compute literacy test (CLT) is a requirement for Fox Business students in order to graduate. I am in charge of setting up these tests, administering them, and submitting the results. I spend about half an hour getting classes of anywhere between twenty and thirty students registered so they can take the exam. Once they are registered, I go through a practice exam and answer any questions the students might have about the actual test itself. I then troubleshoot any computer issues while the students take the fifty minute exam. Once everyone has completed the test, I upload the grades to the CLT registration website and make sure that the students who have passed are able to register for future courses. At some points it can get stressful, particularly if there are a lot of technological issues happening at once, but it keeps me on my feet and I enjoy it.

FedExGroundLogoOver the summer of 2013 I worked as a loader at FedEx Ground, which was a physical job that taught me the ins and outs of a large distribution company. My shifts would typically be around four to five hours, and from the minute I clocked in it was non-stop high-speed work. I was trained in making sure that each and every package was sorted into the correct truck and shipped to the proper destination. I was expected to load between 450 and 500 boxes an hour of all different shapes and sizes. This included larger packages, called “incompatibles”, which were items varying from flat screen TV’s to tractor tires. Depending on how busy the flow of packages was, I may have been in charge of anywhere from two to six different trucks. If there was a large influx of packages at one time, I would work with multiple co-workers in one truck to make sure that the truck didn’t get too backed up. I realized the importance of quotas considering if one truck was backed up, the entire loading dock became backed up. My employment at FedEx showed me just how critical precision and timeliness is when working at a corporation.


urlWhile in high school I worked at a local Italian restaurant called Marino’s for three years. I started out bussing tables and after about a year I was promoted to restaurant host. Four to five nights a week I would occupy the front of the restaurant and perform various duties that were required of me. These duties included taking reservations, seating parties at their tables, answering the telephone, and operating the cash register. I primarily dealt with making sure that our customers had a pleasant experience from the minute they walked into the restaurant until the minute they walked out. I really enjoyed working at Marino’s because I acquired the ability to work as a team with others, make timely decisions, and serve customers with respect. Towards the end of my three years there I was asked to train the new employees that my manager was hiring. It gave me a sense of accomplishment considering that of all the hosts there, I was the one who was asked to train the new workers.

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