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  • I definitely think there is a growing emphasis on good presentation skills both in classrooms and in boardrooms. I have noticed that a majority of my upper-level courses at Temple have all had presentation components that were critical to success in that class, which I think closely mirrors how the ability to present well is critical to success in…[Read more]

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    In class we talked about being innovative versus being creative. An article I read cites Shawn Hunter, author of “Out Think: How Innovative Leaders Drive Exceptional Outcomes,” who discerns the two as follows:

    “Creativity is the capability or act of conceiving something original or unusual while innovation is the implementation or creation of something new that has realized value for others.”

    The article goes on to discuss how creativity does not necessarily mean innovation, though it can lead to it. In a brainstorming session where ideas are flying around, that’s creativity. It isn’t until some value-driving idea is actually implemented that innovation sets in.

    Shawn Hunter also chastises businesses for trying to create creativity on demand, by forcing employees into brainstorming sessions instead of focusing on building innovative processes and products. He claims that innovation doesn’t have to be the next big thing, it can simply be a tweak to a current process that makes the business operate better. He also states that it’s crucial that a business and its entire culture do everything possible to foster innovation in the workplace. The article cites the creation of the Starbucks Frappuccino as an example of innovation. Originally, the idea was rejected by company leaders. It wasn’t until the product was quietly made and sold to customers that it became a hit and was officially introduced into the product line.

    Do you think that innovation and creativity necessarily need to go hand in hand? Can one exist without the other? Can one be successful without the other? In your experiences in the workplace, does management tend to focus more on innovation or creativity?

    • Innovation and creativity do not necessarily need to go hand and hand. Businesses should definitely make sure that they find their proper balance of innovation and creativity because both are needed in order to be successful. However, every business has to make sure that they set themselves apart by focusing on its strengths in comparison to its competitors. Some businesses are better at being innovative than others, while some businesses are better with creativity. If a business is not great at being innovative and its competitors are and they have the same level of emphasis on innovation, the business that is not as innovative will sink. The same is true for creativity.

      Creativity can definitely exist without innovation and vice versa. New ideas can be generated everyday but it does not necessarily mean that the business is going to implement it. A company can implement something new that its competitors already have implemented before them, which lacks creativity. In my experience, management focuses more on implementation than creativity because management seems to favor some people’s ideas more than others. However, management does focus on tweaking existing processes to find ways to do things better for everyone, which is the innovation piece.

    • I believe that creativity and innovation are two separate entities. Creativity is more of an art approach to something. It uses design to catch the eye of a consumer. Creativity makes a product beautiful or more attractive. Innovation is more developing a new method of doing something that no one has thought of yet. When I think of innovation it is simple, yet extremely useful.

      Both creativity and innovation go hand in hand. Although able to stand alone, both are best used when put together. With a mix of the two, the creation of a new product or idea can far surpass any standard that already exists. For example, when designing a new car. If the engine is a new innovative idea, a consumer may not see the innovation without a creative outside design. Creativity and innovation should be intricately intertwined to create outstanding ideas.

    • Using the article’s definition of creativity and innovation I would say creativity can exist without innovation but innovation needs creativity. Someone can come up with many creative ideas but without action they remain that, ideas. Also, not every creative idea is innovative. I usually think of innovative ideas as not just implemented, but somewhat successful. I don’t believe people would call an idea that caused a business to go out of business innovative, but it could have been creative.

      I think an issue with being innovative businesses have is trying to force it as he discusses. When you sit a group of people in a room and say, ok innovate, you get people so focused on coming up with a new, innovative solution that they do not come up with any innovations at all. I agree with Shawn Hunter that brainstorming sessions are not always the best strategy to trying to employ when trying to think of a solution. I sat in many brainstorming sessions as an intern where the person running the session did not employ the best practices we discusses in class and all they led to was awkward silence and no solutions. When you put so much pressure on people to be creative or innovative they will self edit before they say anything.

      In my experience management looks for innovation because they want actionable ideas. The next question after ‘we could do ____’ is always ‘how would we do that’. They also tend to dismiss the idea if you don’t at least have a starting point.

  • Sending content ahead of time definitely has value, and it’s something i’ve never considered either. I think it’s tough in a classroom setting though, for a number of reasons. When doing school presentations, we’re pretty programmed to do exactly what the professor tells us, and I know that i’ve personally never had a professor to tell me to send…[Read more]

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