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  • Internal audit departments are increasingly relying on data analytics technology and hiring more people who have sophisticated data analysis skills, according to a survey  from Protiviti. The consulting firm […]

  • Here are five ways that Big data analytics can help your online company.

    Examine Google Trends

    Trend data shows you what kind of terms and keywords have been searched, where they were searched and who […]

  • “There are a number of different ways someone could cripple the United States through hacking techniques, but there’s a good reason why this hasn’t happened yet. David Kennedy, a former Marine intelligence […]

  • More and more cities around the world are using various technologies like smart devices, apps, sensors, big data analytics and Internet to improve the lives of their citizens. This results in massive amounts of […]

    • Said: great article, and you couldn’t be more right in your assessment. We can’t just look at this in terms of dollars and cents to be made off stolen data, but rather terrorist / ransom attacks that could cripple a cities infrastructure. I liked the comment about “slapping on a layer of security at a later stage…” because that is what many cities and major utility companies have done, which – as we know – is ineffective. Cyber security needs to be built in to an organizations processes and fully integrated into its mission, not just tacked on when it’s convenient and / or required. I also liked how this touched on the need for both AIs and actual people (i.e. cyber security professionals) in order for organizations to have a fighting chance against attacks. All too often you read an article from someone, or group, saying the answer is one or the other.

  • Predictive medicine is the new frontier in health care

    World Health Day, on Friday, will focus on depression. Over 300 million people are estimated to suffer from depression around the world (4.4% of the […]

    • Very interesting article. I can remember not too long ago when my primary physician longed for the day when information could be interconnected to handle logical decision making (artificial intelligence) with respect to patient analysis. She also longed for an integrated billing and scheduling system that could process all patient data required to handle everything from health insurance questions to patient diagnosis. As discussed in the article big data is the key however regulatory frameworks must be securely in place to mitigate abuse of data. As we have read in the posts throughout this semester, criminals are always looking for new ways to abuse data for personal gain.

  • The federal government is looking for a better way to secure its information systems and support cybersecurity in the private sector.  In order to do so, departments and agencies will need to dramatically improve […]

  • More and more online businesses rely on the marketing analytics such as the page views, new site visits and so on; for taking any strategic business decision. Those businesses are sometimes victims of like […]

  • More and more companies are moving to the cloud but few have successfully harnessed cloud-based analytics. In fact, many have invested heavily in cloud based analytics platforms only to discover their data is […]

  • You are absolutely right , bu let’s not forget that technology is a double-edged sword. And as we all know (as millennials) we tend to use technology everywhere and in every situation. Some task may not required technology and since we can’t live without it we will try to apply it to the tasks with the risks of making them harder. Don’t get me…[Read more]

  • Great post Alex! I totally agree with you on this one, but companies do not know that they are hiring fakers. In fact, they are fakers because they are not who they said they are and got hired based on those false statements. One thing companies can do is to strengthen their background check process and hire auditors only based on their reputation…[Read more]

  • Great post! It is obvious that no one wants this type of auditor. However, I think it the type that would bring the least problem. True that they are lazy and will not do the job the way they are supposed to, but at least they will not be faking. They will do the bare minimum and sometime present incomplete work. But their supervisor will always…[Read more]

  • Big data became one of the trend in the technology sector over the past two years. Companies are more and more looking to embrace big data and discover new customer patterns in the process. However, it remains an […]

  • The Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS) is planning to establish a data analytics group that will guide the organization as well as the local financial sector towards the digital economy. The new unit would […]

  • Said Ouedraogo posted a new activity comment 2 months, 1 week ago

    I would say that technology impacts on the enterprise depends on depth of knowledge in technology. In fact, I don’t see how a technology would have a positive impact on an organization if the organization does not master the technology. As we all know, technology is a double-edge sword. The wrong use of it can be costly to any organization. I w…[Read more]

  • Said Ouedraogo posted a new activity comment 2 months, 1 week ago


    I may be confusing myself, but how an organization will know the impact of a technology if it does not understand it? In order to know what impact a technology could have on your enterprise environment you first need to understand it. By understanding I mean everything, from the implementation to maintenance. It is only after hat you…[Read more]

  • Said Ouedraogo posted a new activity comment 2 months, 1 week ago

    You are definitely right Sean. The faker could be a catastrophic consequence to the auditee. Sooner or later, all false statement will see the light of day. The auditee will see itself fined by the authorities. This is why it is really important to do research before hiring auditors. It also underlined the importance of reputation because the…[Read more]

  • Google and the famous fashion brand H&M have collaborated for a new app called Data Dress. The idea of the app is to help you with custom clothing by analysing your lifestyle, activities, hangouts, and the weather […]

  • Said Ouedraogo posted a new activity comment 2 months, 2 weeks ago

    Nice post!

    However, I do not think that pressure to increase revenue was the motive here as “CFPB’s complaint states that only 85,000 of the 1.5 million fake accounts incurred fees (of about $2 million), and just 14,000 of the half-million unauthorized credit cards incurred fees (of about $400,000).” $2.4 million is nothing compared to the $…[Read more]

  • Great post David!

    In fact there is a lack of awareness. People don’t know how crucial it is to protect their information and/or the information of a company. Also, most of them think it will never happen to them. Frankly, I think that we did not yet understand the downsides of technology.

  • IRS: Scam Blends CEO Fraud, W-2 Phishing
    According to the U.S. Internal Revenue Service, scammers are now sending e-mail scams in which the attacker spoofs the boss and tricks an employee at the organization i […]

    • Said,

      I like your suggestion about checking to see if something is legit, but in order for your suggestion to work, the CEO has to create an environment where employees feel comfortable calling them. Also, it not be feasible for a large company, as you need the CEO to focus on their job responsibility. I would recommend setting up a system where if people are unsure of the authenticity of an email, they could contact someone in the IT security office to determine if this is legit. I think that some organizations provide this service to their customers already.

    • Nice post Said, this is like the spear phishing. social engineering knows your name, your email address, and at least a little about you (from social networks). he sends the CEOs an email and is likely to be personalized, “hi Bob” instead of “Dear sir”. The emails seems to come from someone they know, and they may be less vigilant and give them the information they ask for.

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