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  • The article I read for this week is called “How Big Data is Improving Cyber Security.” It talked about that big data and analytics is showing promise with improving cyber security. 90% of respondents from Mer […]

  • one article is really interesting from Intel, saying that Intel Corp has announced the launch of its first bug bounty program, offering rewards up to $30,000 for hardware vulnerabilities. The program enlists white […]

    • I realize that many companies have bounty programs, but I always wonder if there has ever been a case where the hacker decided not to report what they found. Some of the people that are hacking them aren’t exactly the most ethical people, so I would not be shocked if this has happened.

  • The article that I read for this week is called “63% of Orgs Use Cloud, IoT Without Proper Security.” This article talked about that a full 63% of enterprises are using cloud, big data, internet of things(IoT) and […]

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    The articles selected for this week are mostly focused on the soft skills required for our profession. After all, we are working with people, even thought we are IT Auditors. There are plenty of opinions regarding the so-called “Millennial” generation. This the generation you will most likely be working with as you mature in your career. How do…[Read more]

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    Dr. Ed Glebstein, Ph.D. lists and describes in his article “Is There Such a Thing as a Bad Auditor” a number of “Auditor Types” with the intent of helping readers recognize possible weaknesses in themselves.
    Which one of these do you consider the worst type from the standpoint of the auditee? Why? The auditee is the person or group respons…[Read more]

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    Technology changes at mind-boggling speeds, and it greatly affects businesses and enterprises. What do you consider to be more important, depth of knowledge in technology, or its impact on the enterprise?

    I think its is impact on the enterprise is more important within business world. Technology grows fast these a couple years and it helps…[Read more]

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    Great post Sean. I strongly agree your points. Technology rapidly grows and one reason is Millennial generation. This generation has higher education, as you said, it will “enhance the generation’s members ability and techniques at identifying and solving problems. ” You mentioned the aspect that is in America, i want to add something that is in…[Read more]

  • The article I read for this week is called “How to Get Business Value From Big Data Analytics”. It talked about that it is essential to adopt a broader scope about data and analytics, create a very flexible and […]

    • Yes, that is true. In this day and age, there are just too much data out there. Organizations who intend to use data will need to be able to weed out the important information from all the noise and draw reasonable conclusion from the information they gather. They should also not mistake correlation and causation and draw false conclusions.

  • Hi Darin,

    Thank you for sharing this article to us! I really liked the seven recommendations and I read the article via your link! I think the first one: Get the right people looking at it, is the most important one because often times, the lack of qualified and experienced professionals to look at it, results some ignorance from ourselves that…[Read more]

  • The article I read for this week is called “Data-Driven Marketing in 2016: Bigger, Faster, Better”. It talked about the importance of data and Big data. Big data, a broad term for the accumulation, storage and man […]

  • Nice post Said, this is like the spear phishing. social engineering knows your name, your email address, and at least a little about you (from social networks). he sends the CEOs an email and is likely to be personalized, “hi Bob” instead of “Dear sir”. The emails seems to come from someone they know, and they may be less vigilant and give them…[Read more]

  • Wenlin, this article is really interesting! It reminded me another article that I read a couple weeks ago. The article I read talked about that an espionage Trojan called SpyNote RAT has been found masquerading as the popular Netflix app, to trick Android users into downloading it. Once installed, the malware is capable of activating the…[Read more]

  • The article I want to share for this week was called “Password Reuse Remains Rampant.” This articled talked about that based on a professional survey, it found that 95% of respondents recognized the cha […]

    • What I find amazing about this is that even though we all know that not creating strong passwords is a huge risk, everyone continues to use weak practices. People seem to use the same email and password for everything, including their bank and social media accounts. Once someone gets the email/ password combination, they can easily try it out at various websites to see what accounts they can get into.

      What is scary is that someone who works at a bank, government entity or some top secret position may be using the same password practices that are being described in this article. People may just be asking for trouble by doing this.

      • I agree with you Blake, many people use their same password for different accounts even who has security and IT background. In my opinion, companies need to establish more awareness programs that improve the employees’ knowledge about the potential risks and impacts that may occur based on their behavior. Also, creating strict rules and policies will encourage the employee to manage their passwords effectively.

  • Hi everyone, my name is Yulun Song and I am an international student originally from Beijing, China. This is my second semester of ITACS program and I am focusing on IT Audit track. This coming summer, I will be […]

  • Yulun Song posted a new activity comment 3 months, 2 weeks ago

    I agree with you Alex. It is really hard to auditors when they meet some special situations, like your close friends or family members involve in trouble and ask for your help. However, as a credible auditor, i think we all should treat them and do our job properly.

  • Yulun Song posted a new activity comment 3 months, 2 weeks ago

    True. Greedy is a key that leads them to bend the rules. Someone is greedy to money, someone is greedy to position, someone is greedy to fame. A person who is in a key position of a business or a government position should not only work for benefits of an organization, but also gain positive and true reputation to the entire environment(both…[Read more]

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    That is true, independence in any types of auditing areas is the most important word to measure the auditors. Many large auditing companies involved economical crimes due to the lack of independence. Even the client is your close friend or family member, we should still keep space to them and do our job properly.

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    3. A person’s character is very crucial in the audit industry. How would you build your reputation and maintain a good ethical character in this industry?
    It is crucial to build reputation and maintain a good ethical character in audit industry. one important element is Do your Job. These three words are really easy to understand but they are h…[Read more]

  • Yulun Song posted a new activity comment 3 months, 2 weeks ago

    2. In the Real World Control Failures, we’ve reviewed, describe the character of the leaders involved. Is it a root of the control failures?
    It is a root of the control failures, those failures were due to the negligence and failed controls to lead negative results. For example, what I did was Morgan Stanley’s control failure, the internal con…[Read more]

  • Yulun Song posted a new activity comment 3 months, 3 weeks ago

    3. When is the cost of implementing a compliance control higher than the benefit obtained? What should an organization do to ensure efficiency and profitability?

    Often times, the cost of implementing a compliance control remain a sore point for corporate executives, but consultants say the whirlwind of regulations surrounding businesses means…[Read more]

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