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Danbo ponders what social media is.

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In response to Gary Stein’s article, “Nobody Gets Social Media… Yet“, he takes a look at mistakes people assume with social media when regarding buisness. He lists these as using motivational statements instead of mission statements as to how to utilize social media, ego-centric measurement fixation where businesses only focus on the number of “likes” or fans instead of looking at the whole story, and the mis-perception that social media isn’t media.

Social media is new and different in the way that the interconnectedness of people’s lives through the use of the internet is a fairly recent innovation. Especially in how businesses are trying to leverage it to enhance their reputation, sell products and better their business. Stein poses the challenge of looking at a new definition of media for businesses: “any moment when the brand and the consumer come into contact with each other.” In this regard, social media as an interaction between people and businesses has been around since the creation of commerce. Social media requires new skills and capabilities for organizations to properly understand how they can effectively utilize social media in the connection with their customers. It requires narrowing their reason for using social media to a clear and directional plan, as well as realizing that the number of fans doesn’t necessarily mean that business is a success. A strategy needs to be in place to use social media to get consumers to “act positively toward that brand”.

As it stands now, businesses need to allow social media to evolve and learn how to properly use it to interact with their customers and increase their business.

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Facebook: A Viable Publishing Platform?

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In response to this posted discussion questions from Steven L. Johnson, this post will look at the use of Facebook as a standalone news platform.

I believe that it is not a viable option to launch a Facebook-only news portal. Due to current limitations within the architecture framework, such as not being able to make revenue from using own advertising and making sure content fits within the parameters of Facebook’s Terms of Service. With that being said, I think using Facebook as a supplement to existing news content would be highly beneficial because now readers can be pulled from both the social networking sphere as well as the traditional website sphere. It makes more sense to use it as a supplement because it allows for more potential readers and content cannot be sensored that Facebook may deem as inappropriate if it is on their traditional website.

What are your thoughts?

The controversial issues of allowing employees access to Facebook, and other social networking sites,  while at work has long been debated. Below, I will discuss my thoughts on whether or not they should be banned, and if I would work for a company that bans the use of these social networking sites.

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Social networking: Good or Bad for work?

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Do you agree or disagree that “Facebook should be banned in the workplace”?

I agree that there are some places of employment that should not allow employees to access social networking sites, with the understanding that there are plenty that can allow access with business operations remaining unaffected. Occupations that require a higher degree of focus and concentration are among the top of the list that should ban such sites. These social networking sites provide distractions for employees, preventing them from doing their work, or not allowing them to remain completely focused on the tasks that they need to accomplish. This has the potential to lead to costly mistakes and a reduction of current level of business operational efficiency.

However, it should be noted that if employees really want access to these sites, there are ways they can still gain access. One such alternative is through the use of modern smartphones. Most smartphones have ways to access the internet through either a Wi-Fi connection or their cell service. Employers are unable to prevent access with the latter method, and can only prevent access on their own Wi-Fi network.

Would you work for a company that banned the use of Facebook?

I currently do work for a company that bans the use of social networking sites. I agree with this decision because of the fact that I work in a hospital where there are many instances that require the utmost concentration. If an employee is busy wondering if someone replied back to their message or conversation, there is great potential for mistakes to be made. And in a healthcare setting, that is unacceptable.

I currently use social networks for my private, personal life. When I am at work, I do not care if “Roman is having an OK day and bought a Coke Zero at the gas station.” It does not impact my working day, and can wait for my perusal until I arrive home after work. So, for me personally, I would work at a company that bans the use of Facebook and other social networking sites, because I do not feel the need to access them while at work.

I’m interest to hear your thoughts down below in the comments.

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