autonomous vehicles

Autonomous Cars Are Closer Than You Think


We learned about autonomous vehicles as we were going over disruptive innovations earlier in the semester.  This article is saying that within the next five years we will begin to see autonomous features in new cars.  The article isn’t suggesting that these cars will be COMPLETELY autonomous yet, but more and more autonomous features will be coming out.  A possible feature would be autonomous driving in traffic jams that will function based off of lane alerts.  Also, there has been discussion around assisted parking.

Autonomous Cars Are Closer Than You Think

What autonomous features do you think would be most beneficial/convenient?

What features do you think will come out first?



Autonomous Attack Aircraft


For my disruptive innovation case I had the topic of autonomous vehicles. In an article I found on justsecurity.org, Michael Horowitz and Paul Scharre discuss three areas of concern related to fully autonomous aircraft. First area of concern is related to accountability. If autonomous aircraft fail to do their job properly, who’s at fault? Another issue is the off-loading of moral responsibility for killing, which could lead to unnecessary deaths. Finally, if an autonomous aircraft became out of control, there could be serious damage inflicted to innocent people or casualties to friendly fire. Because of these concerns, many people advocate a level of human control over these aircraft because humans can make better informed decisions for a particular situation. Because of this, there is a debate over what is the right amount of autonomy and human control.

How much human control do you think is necessary and what functions should be autonomous in an attack aircraft? Or, do you think it is possible to have a fully autonomous attack aircraft? If yes, how would you mitigate the concerns mentioned above?

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