Disruptive Change: Are You Ready?


Disruptive technological change is changing constantly and changing the way we live and do business. According to Forbes, “we’ve seen more technical innovation in the past three to four years than we saw in the previous 50.” In a few years almost anything you can think of is going to be accessed through the internet. Eventually there will be an ingestibles where you can swallow  to track your biometrics and send the data directly to your smartphone and maybe even your physician. Forbes stated, “n the not-so-distant future, your doctor will be able to tell you, ‘I think you may have a heart attack coming. Let’s get on top of this now.’ That may creep some of you out, which is another challenge. People are going to have to decide if they’re comfortable with some of the things technology will be able to do. Younger generations are likely to accept these technologies faster than those of us who are older.” The article uses autonomous vehicles as an example for future disruptive technology. They also talk about technology changing our careers and possibly depending on the career path it can be gone.

Do you think technology will change our lifestyle 10 years from now? How do you think technology will affect our careers?


2 Responses to Disruptive Change: Are You Ready?

  • I think that in 10 years technology will change much more than just our careers. I think that the way we interact with our families, pets, friends, etc. will be altered- whether it be good or bad. I think that technology is also going to make a lot of careers obsolete, as more and more things get automated. I also think it can make certain jobs more efficient though.

  • Yes, I strongly believe that our lifestyles will change due to technology in the next ten years. Based off the past and how it has already done so, to me is almost proof that it will happen again in the future. I think that a lot of existing jobs will be done by technology.I feel that the technology will be a cheaper and more efficient way to do some jobs in the next ten years.

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