Five Apps bringing billions of people online around the world.


Five Apps Bringing the Next Billion People Online – Digits – WSJ

This short article gives us in-site in some new emerging markets around the world. Seeing that there will still be 4 billion people in 2017 still offline should really get everything thinking how we could take advantage of this huge market place. If we do not then I fear this huge market will be a problem for us.  As Arran’s article stats “The most disruptive technology is the internet.” This disruptive innovation is something that should be a concern to us as graduates. One ramification of this global disruption is loss of job security.

How does everyone view this “Bringing the Next Billion People Online?”



Does Your Whole Home Need Antivirus Now??


Does Your Whole Home Need Antivirus Now_ – WSJ

I was happy to see this article, because my parents just recently put a security system in their home that they can access via mobile devices to unlock doors, etc. I told them I was pretty sure that makes them more vulnerable, but I was not positive. After discussing my concern with one of my IT security managers at work I found out they are without a doubt more vulnerable. When accessing your home security system via mobile device you are using wireless connection and wireless transmissions are not always encrypted. Information such as e-mails sent by a mobile device is usually not encrypted while in transit. In addition, many applications do not encrypt the data they transmit and receive over the network, making it easy for the data to be intercepted. For example, if an application is transmitting data over an unencrypted WiFi network using http (rather than secure http), the data can be easily intercepted. When a wireless transmission is not encrypted, data can be easily intercepted. Data such as a mobile security application that unlocks your home doors, and turn off your security system.

Even though this device isn’t functioning 100% correct as yet it still is an innovative idea, which will create a new market.

What is everyones thought on this home security issue?


Does anyone have a security system they can access via mobile device?

Deloitte Threatened by Disruptive Innovations


This is a really short and informative article based on how big corporations like Deloitte view new and disruptive competitive risks and opportunities. They are crafting effective strategies around four dimensions you will find in the article, which could be used within our capstone projects.

Take a look and see….Deloitte





A Real Rival to Cable TV…For a Price


PlayStation Vue Review: A Real Rival to Cable TV…For a Price – WSJ


Sony presents PlayStation Vue that allow the uses to stream live TV and DVR in the cloud.  It is hard to really determine where Sony was going with this new idea seeing how it can touch so many companies and markets.

What market do you see this disruption falling under? Why?

With the price being so high I do not see how it would be able to push TiVo out of the picture, but it is the first real internet service to threaten cable TV. Vue allows you to also DVR to the cloud which means no more worrying about running out of storage. Pretty awesome innovation, and will be interested to see how PlayStation hones in on the application, price, and easy of use.



We can change the way we think!


Summary of “How Successful People Think”

Integrative thinking is in some way or another an art form, but also is something that can be learned, practiced, and built upon throughout a life time. I believe in order to become an integrative thinker we first need to learn how to think better.  “How Successful People Think” by John C Maxwell is a book that addresses 11 skills of a good thinker possess, and how to adopt these skills. These 11 skills are:

1)Big picture thinking

2)Focused thinking

3)Creative thinking

4)Realistic thinking

5)Strategic thinking

6)Possibility thinking

7)Reflective thinking

8)Popular thinking

9)Shared thinking

10)Unselfish thinking

11)Bottom-line thinking

Maxwell’s quote  “If you embrace unpopular thinking and make decisions based upon what works best and what is right rather than what is commonly accepted, know this: in your early years you won’t be as wrong as people think you are. In your later years, you won’t be as right as people think you are. And through all the years, you will be better than you thought you could be.”

Maxwell says we can develop these skills during ordinary daily routines. Does anyone have any ideas how they would practice one of the 11 skills in their daily life?


ADTRAN, INC example of an “IT as Engine Room” organization


ADTRAN _ Reinventing the Network

Company Link

I found this press release on a company that related to our class discussion from the other day. ADTRAN, INC. is a leading global provider of networking and communications equipment. It is reinventing the network with its industry-leading solutions that enable voice, data, video and Internet communcaition across a variety of network infrastructure allowing its customers to evolve, change, and grow.

Which of the four models do you feel this company falls under in regards to its enterprise focus? Why?

I feel this company falls under “IT as Engine Room.” Furthermore, when I was reading this press release I started thinking of something more personal. Financial management practices are not just for companies, so even though our class discussion was focused on financial management practices within a company. I wanted to step outside from that and talk about starting to invest in our futures past school. Being seniors and MIS majors I feel that we should be analyzing the market place we will be joining for knowledge, and investment opportunities. For the most part we are on our own when it comes to our retirement options. There will most likely be no social security for us from the government, and the companies we choose to pursue careers with won’t have much more to offer other then a 401-k. As young adults you might think it is to early to be thinking/planning for retirement, but for us it is not. So my questions to everyone would be:

What financial management practices/strategies could we pursue to ensure we are creating a sustainable future/retirement plan for ourselves so that we can too evolve, change, and grow? Ex: IRS’s, stock market, commodity markets, etc. Also, if you have this set in place for yourself already maybe you could share some of your practices with the class.

Is Apple pursuing a strategic move/big investment at the right time?




Apple Orders More Than 5 Million Watches for Initial Run – Digits – WSJ

As we discussed in class proper execution of a product, service, or application can make or break a company. I found this short article about Apple ordering more than 5 million watches for it’s initial run. Now, that may not seem like a huge number for a company like Apple, but we need to keep in mind that this is the first all-new product since the I-Pad. These watches will do much more than just tell time. They can stream live weather reports, reminder notifications, upcoming calender events and more. The base model watch will run around $350+, and the high end model that comes encased in gold looks like it will cost upwards of $4000+. With all that being said I think this watch is an awesome innovative product and if I had the money I eventually would probably purchase one of the low end models. What are your guys thoughts, and also I have a view questions listed below to be answered.


1. What do you think of Apples strategic production forecasting “plan of record?” Do you believe this is what keeps Apple from going under?

2. Do you think Apple is eager to stretch beyond their current abilities?

3. Does Apple understand other people’s constraints and concerns within the market place?

4. Will Apple recover well from setbacks or failures?

“Cyberattacks” Is our information really secure?


Debate Deepens Over Response to Cyberattacks – WSJ


I ran into this article shortly after reading Jessica’s topic regarding information security. I see information security as one of the greatest concerns for  businesses today; especially, ones that collect client/customer information, which in this day and age most companies do. I know it may not seem like a huge deal that hackers obtained control over government social media accounts, but is this a risk management red flag that should be taken much more seriously? It makes me think about BP oil company, or Sony.  If hackers can breach government firewalls, and security protocols what makes Amazon, Facebook, or any other company that collects our personal information safe?

Why do you think there is a sudden increase in company security breaches? Are companies getting lazy with IT security, or are hackers just getting smarter?

“We can be involved in these opportunites” Box, a Cloud-Storge firm, Prepares an IPO After Delay

Click –> Link


Box, a Cloud-Storge firm, Prepares an IPO After Delay

I just wanted to point out this article. It is really exciting to know this could be anyone of us in the future.

Does anyone think this company would be a good investment opportunity?


“Initial public offering (IPO) or stock market launch” 

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