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Summary of “How Successful People Think”

Integrative thinking is in some way or another an art form, but also is something that can be learned, practiced, and built upon throughout a life time. I believe in order to become an integrative thinker we first need to learn how to think better.  “How Successful People Think” by John C Maxwell is a book that addresses 11 skills of a good thinker possess, and how to adopt these skills. These 11 skills are:

1)Big picture thinking

2)Focused thinking

3)Creative thinking

4)Realistic thinking

5)Strategic thinking

6)Possibility thinking

7)Reflective thinking

8)Popular thinking

9)Shared thinking

10)Unselfish thinking

11)Bottom-line thinking

Maxwell’s quote  “If you embrace unpopular thinking and make decisions based upon what works best and what is right rather than what is commonly accepted, know this: in your early years you won’t be as wrong as people think you are. In your later years, you won’t be as right as people think you are. And through all the years, you will be better than you thought you could be.”

Maxwell says we can develop these skills during ordinary daily routines. Does anyone have any ideas how they would practice one of the 11 skills in their daily life?


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