Most Disruptive Technology Over the Next 5 Years

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In this TIME.com article, author Tim Bajarin explains that the most disruptive technology that we will experience over the next five years is not a new technology. The most disruptive technology is the Internet. He begins to talk about how the Internet will have massive disruptive global implications. He bases his argument on the fact that when you are connected to the internet, you have access to information. He then talks about how smartphone sales are projected to be about 1.5 billion in 2015 and nearly every cell phone will be a smart phone by 2018. At the same time, new wireless infrastructure being built in developing countries and the decreasing costs of cell phones will give more people access to the Internet and that this could result in major political, economical and educational ramifications. Can you think of any examples of disruptions/ramifications that can be caused in developing countries or countries with oppressive governments?

3 Responses to Most Disruptive Technology Over the Next 5 Years

  • One example of disruptive/ramifications that can be caused by the developing countries is job security. There is already a huge disruption in jobs like Accounting and Lawyers. These jobs are being outsourced to places like india where they are charging much lower rates with the exact same quality.

  • I feel as though the internet becoming more of a norm in developing countries is a positive thing. Instead of teachers, doctor’s and volunteers visiting these countries to help them better sustain themselves, the internet can be brought in to help countries create jobs, educate themselves and slowly help build their country.

  • The internet has been a great boon to developing countries. Recently we saw mass rallies being organized over social media. Rallies that toppled governments, and it is still going on. It has also allowed some developing countries to really shoot ahead in certain areas. If you look at some African countries for example that you will see that mobile banking, particularly mobile to mobile money transfers is something that has been used for awhile now. A technology that is only recently getting put to use here in the U.S is already old hat. This is a great opportunity for these countries since they can essential skip many of the missteps due to development and this is mainly thanks the the net.

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