Peer-to-Peer Wireless Is Increasing Competition Worldwide

Technology Review Article

Most places around the United States have an incredibly limited number of ISP’s from which to choose their internet service. This means that a few big players control the pricing and the actual content that passes through their bandwidth. However, in a number of other countries including Spain and Uganda, private companies and individuals have worked on peer-to-peer networks that provide fast internet while usurping the prices of enormous corporations. This technology could disrupt the internet service provider market by providing a similar service at a substantially lower price. If so, this would cause current players in the market to actually compete instead of largely just divvying up the service geographically. This would also result in a significant step for net neutrality proponents because big ISP’s would no longer be able to monitor data so closely.

How else do you think that delivering internet through a peer-to-peer connection might affect the market? Do you see any negatives?

Updated Project Proposal- Public Service

Problem: An overwhelming amount of trash/litter in different regions of Philadelphia.

Solution: We will work on building a platform that synchronizes volunteering efforts and provide individuals and organizations with an opportunity to make an impact on their city, through finding out what areas need the most help (we will focus on unlittering). We will crowdsource data by having individuals use their smartphones to geotag areas they think need the most work. Organizations/ individuals looking to do community service can go on our website or app and check a heat map that shows where help is most needed. We will build into the idea a social focus on the homeless population and how we can work with shelters to integrate them back into society through community service.
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