Virtual Reality

Bandwidth and Disruptive Innovation



In this article, Louderback talks about how increasing bandwidth over the past few decades has disrupted different forms of media. The disruptions he discussed were:

1. Printing Publications

2. The Music Industry (disrupted by Napster, LimeWire, etc.)

3. Cable TV Companies

4. The Film Industry

However, now that we have the bandwidth capacity for accessing/streaming all of the traditional forms of media, Louderback identifies a couple trends of what new forms of media may be disruptive in the near future:

-Immersive Virtual Reality

-Personal Streaming (as seen in early experiments with SnapChat)

-Augmented Reality (Microsoft’s HoloLens)

But beyond these predictions, Louderback believes that the next disruptive media innovation may not have been invented yet. Do you guys agree with the trends that Louderback identified? Or do you have any other ideas on what new media disruptions might appear in the next decade?

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