2012 AIS Leadership and Student Competition


I am pleased to once again recognized a few Temple students for their great achievements. At the 2012 AIS Leadership and Student Competition, many Temple students participated as finalist in various events. This competition was for all students in the AIS chapters around the United States. The competition was divided into four tracks: IT Risk Management, Mobile Application Development, Social Media Optimization, and Video Competition.

There would be two phases from each track, the first one would be an online virtual component that any student could participate in. Then the finalist would meet onsite in the second phase to compete face-to-face with the other finalists. Out of the four tracks, the students from the Temple AIS chapter was selected as finalist for three of the tracks and they came out with two 1st place awards and one with 2nd place. The Mobile Development and IT Video teams both came in 1st place and the IT Risk Management team came in 2nd place. This again proved that our MIS program has one of  the best talents there is in the nation. Those three teams received their plaques at the inaugural student completion winners.

I had a great opportunity to have a small interview with a member of the IT Risk Management team. Her name is Haoren Yu and she is also currently a the VP of Professional Development at AIS. She shared with me about the project/case and at the end she also encouraged why students should participate in this event in the future.

The project is a business consulting case. We, as a consulting team, acted as a consulting team that hired by the CIO of a company to persuade the CFO of Atlantic Paper Co. to implement an Identity Access Management System. We did a completed analysis for this case, including a project scope document, stakeholder analysis, a four-step business evaluation analysis, solution implementation plan, SMART analysis for that, etc.

I would encourage students to participate into this event more and more. It certainly helps students to put what they learn from class into practice. More important, it is about teamwork, and putting yourself in front of the real jury which are consisted by real business people with couple years of experiences. Furthermore, it is also important to fit our expectations into the real world scenarios.

Official Website for Temple AIS

I have wrote many topics about the Association for Information Systems (AIS), Temple University Student chapter and showed the benefits of becoming a member. You should know what is AIS and the opportunity to meet a variety of AIS great speakers. AIS also has many great social opportunities such as rock climbing and the IT Awards after party recently.

AIS now officially has its own website that was just launched: This website will allow everyone to access information such as news, weekly events, meeting information, and other important links. This is a great resource because students can learn about weekly speakers and the opportunities to come in to listen and network.

The website also displays the current officers and you can literally learn about them through the short articles they provide.  AIS also offers IT services for the small firms and other organizations. This is a great chance for students to learn real-world experiences and explore their options through these services. If you want to become a member or purchase some merchandise items, you can do that on this website. If you have any questions, there is a contact button that will directly send the message to someone who can assist you.

AIS always keeps up to date technology by using Swoop Text to communicate with the members through text messages and now AIS uses Instagram. AIS keeps growing bigger and has more members, this means that students need to start to pay attention to their careers. I suggest you all visit the AIS new website for more useful information and I am sure you will like it.

Rock Climbing With AIS

The Association for Information Systems is an organization where students can join and expand their professional network. As you may know, the last couple weeks I have wrote about AIS and how wonderful it was and all the great benefits of joining them. I also mentioned about the great speakers at AIS. Not only does AIS invite many great speakers every week, but they also have fantastic social events. Students need some time to chill and relax with friends. AIS is the perfect place to release stress.

On February, AIS had it’s very first social event at Ken’s Seafood Restaurant & Karaoke Bar. Everyone loved the social event and really enjoyed themselves.  All the members came together, discussed career goals, complained about schoolwork, and had fun. That is why this month, AIS is having another social event called Rock Climbing at Go Vertical at Penn’s Landing on Friday, April 13th from 6pm to 8pm. Go Vertical is the largest indoor rock climbing gym and is a popular place in Philadelphia. This is a great social event for everyone even if you don’t love climbing. This is a wonderful place for good exercise and adventuring. With a fee of only $25, I believe this is a great opportunity for all students at a reasonable price.

I encourage all students to join even though you are not an AIS member. This social event is not only for having fun, but is also for creating experiences and networking. AIS members are very friendly and if you are interested in joining or having any questions please check out their website here.

What are you waiting for? Click on the link below for more information.

Annual IT Job Index at Temple University

There is great news for students majoring in MIS or IT at Temple University; the Association for Information Systems (AIS) is now collaborating with the Institute for Business and Information Technology (IBIT) to create an annual IT job index. This index is an evaluation for IT jobs in the current market. It helps display various information like pay scales and prospect information. This report will help students to understand the current status of the IT market and it will become a reliable source for searching for useful information. This index will also help to guide them in the right way both academically and professionally.

According to Dov Te’eni, president of AIS, and Munir Mandviwalla, IBIT executive director and chair of Fox’s Department of MIS, this is the great partnership between AIS and IBIT. The creation of this index will be a useful measurement tool for Temple University students. It will help students and professionals to discover ideas about the IT job market. Mr Munir said the IT job market today is very hard to access and find things such as enrollment, placement, and available jobs. This index will address the current problems and issues in the IS labor market.

This is exciting news for students when they offer these services for the MIS community at Temple University. I encourage all students should take this great advantage and use it efficiently once this index officially comes out.

If you want to know more about this index, click on the link below:

Great Speakers at AIS

The Association for Information Systems (AIS) is a MIS association for Temple University students. Once you sign up and become a member, you will be able to enjoy the vast benefits of the  organization such as weekly meetings (with food!), the chance to interact with fellow MIS students, and the chance to listen and speak with the business professionals from various companies. Not only that,  being an AIS member will help you to improve your communication skills and make you become more confident when speaking with recruiters.

For every meeting, AIS arranges different speakers from many different industries so that you have a chance to network with recruiters and professionals. In the spring semester, there are many big named companies such as JP Morgan, Microsoft, AstraZeneca, CDW, PWC, and Sunoco. These speakers will talk about their company, position, and opportunities such as internships that either currently open or will be in the near future. In the end, you can ask them questions and show your interest about their company. The chance to actually meet an “insider” in these companies is an opportunity that you should not pass up. If you make yourself stand out, the recruiter will definitely remember you when you decide to apply. Don’t miss any opportunities to network with recruiters because they may remember you later on.

From my experience, if you want to be noticeable, you will have to be an active member. This means, you always want to be a volunteer for any social events or helping out with the community. AIS will give you this chance because they have many activities. If you want to know who is speaking this week, here is the website:

SwoopText now for AIS Members

Nowadays, students can communicate with each other in many ways such as email or social media websites like Facebook. But the most common form of communicating is by text messaging.  The benefit of text messaging is that almost everyone has a phone and it is always with them. So you can expect the timeframe for a response to be very minimal. For student organizations and groups, communicating with its members is a bit more challenging, especially if you needed to send an urgent message out. Emails through distribution lists and posts on websites are good but it is not as fast as a simple text message. Don’t worry, there is the new platform called SwoopText which will give student organizations the ability to communicate with members through texting.

SwoopText is from the minds of Princeton University’s Michael Keaton and Michael Pearl. They got the idea to create this platform when their student organization communications were lacking a bit. SwoopText went live at Temple last October and slowly many of the student organization are opting-in to use it. Now, a SwoopText group is now available for the members of the Association for Information Systems (AIS).

This platform is very beneficial for students because it simplifies the communication channels within organizations. It also easy to use and made just for student groups . Texting is unlimited and there are no fees to set up your own group, but you need to use your Temple account to sign up.

I strongly recommend all students sign up for this because it will allow everyone to have instant updates for events, guest speakers, jobs, etc. For AIS members, you should sign up and join the group to get instant updates.

You can get started here:  AIS SwoopText


Temple AIS Recieves Outstanding Chapter Recognization in 2011

Although it has only been about 5 years since it was created, Temple’s AIS student chapter will be once again recognized as an Outstanding Chapter for 2011. Fox School’s AIS is a student professional organization that focuses on information sciences. This is a great award and it is well deserved by the AIS Chapter. All the leaders and members have been working hard developing and providing opportunities to members. They are committed to building student leadership skills, and providing MIS students a great opportunity to work on real-world projects.

Michelle Dy-Reyers, the current president of AIS Chapter, said “We are all learning a lot about service and leadership along the way, and we are excited to accept this award and serve as a role model for the rest of the AIS student chapters worldwide”. This award shows the achievement that the AIS students accomplished and they are proud to spread the world about the Fox leadership skills.

With this recognition, the chapter will also receive a monetary award and it will take place on December 5th at the International Conference on Information Systems in Shanghai. This is truly a great accomplishment for the AIS Chapter and mostly likely won’t be their last one either.

For more information about the award, here is the link about the AIS Outstanding.

If you are interesting in joining Temple’s AIS Chapter or just want to know more information, click here.

So what are you waiting for? For more updates  and information, I strongly recommend you to follow the AIS Chapter @templeAIS, or “Like” them on Facebook!

The IBIT Industry Experience

Attention all juniors and upper level MIS students! Are you seeking an internship? Here is some good news for you. The Institute for Business and Information Technology (IBIT) program at Fox School Business provides the connection to the other industries for students in the information technology fields. IBIT has a program called “Industry Experience” where students can have the opportunity to gain the acquaintance through job learning at the company. In the conjunction with students internship, students will be taking a regular course. This course will be specialized in teaching students the skill and information that students can be used at the current internship. It is a great opportunity to build experience and gain credits at the same time.

This program has two pieces, the course and the internship. There are three different type of internships experience you can receive:

Industry: The traditional internship where you perform general tasks and day-to-day basis

Project-based: students have a chance to interact and work with the IBIT partner firm and handle a project

Service learning: Students work with the community and apply theories to improve their respective communities. Interns will be working with the non-profit organizations and public schools

These internships will give students academic credit and class grades as normal. Students must report to the professor about the internships and the project that they work on a regular basis.

These internships are a great experience for MIS students because they can actually learn and work on projects for an actual company/organization. The internships also help students build their professional network and resume for the future. Take advantage of this opportunity now before it’s too late!

Here is the link for more information about the IBIT program.

What are you waiting for now? Let’s take this opportunity because it never comes a lot of times in your life!

What is AIS?

If you are like me, you are probably too busy studying, looking for an internship, and many other things that fill our lives. But in the midst of all of these things, you must not forget that learning to create a strong network is one of the most valuable experiences you will engage in. One of the best and easiest ways to do this, is to participate in an organization.  This will definitely give you more opportunities to meet with employers and people already in the business world. The Fox School of Business provides you with various chances to expand your network such as career fair events, and most importantly access to many organizations where you have the opportunity to network, participate in social events, and develop stronger communication skills.

For all MIS majors and even those with minors, you should join the Association of Information Systems (AIS). AIS a organization that concentrates on MIS related-careers and events. Every Wednesday at 12 p.m., there are weekly meetings at A231. Here, specialists who represent many companies come and speak to the group. They will talk about their organization and their responsibilities of their positions.  Also, you may learn about the recruiting process,  internships, and full time jobs. They will show you how to apply through their website or career center. At the end, you have a chance to ask questions and get valuable answers.

What is great about it? You will not only meet with specialists in the professional industry, but also have a chance to open a network with them as well. You can impress them if you ask them questions to show how much you care about what they are doing, and how much you want to be a part of their company. It will get you a step closer to more opportunities. Plus, if you take a leadership role within the organization, your resume would be that much more impressive to potential employers.

What are you waiting for? It is never too late to join; the form is here! The fee for semester membership is $30.00 and yearly membership is $50.00. But this is not too expensive when you think about all the benefits and opportunities your will receive.

AIS website

*Food and beverages will be served after every meeting in Speakman 207!