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KMPG Data Analytics Virtual Internship

  1. Name of sponsoring organization
    1. KMPG
  2. Details of the activity (e.g., where, when)
    1. This is a virtual internship that you complete through a website. It gives you experience with a project that a real data analytics consultant would work on for their company. It is self paced and you can complete it any time.
  3. What you learned
    1. I expect to learn what a real project working in data analytics consulting looks like, and get some practical experience on how I would handle a real world project.
  4. How the activity relates to coursework or your career goals
    1. This relates very directly to my career goals because I am very interested in both data analytics and consulting, so this is at the intersection of those two interests. I would get practical experience on what I could expect from a role doing analytics consulting.
  5. Once approved, the description is automatically displayed in a post on your e-portfolio.
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