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Unapologetically Ambitious: A Conversation with Shellye Archambeau

This was a live webinar hosted by PNC as a part of their Women in Business Week, on 9/14/20. This was a very interesting webinar because the main speaker was Shellye Archambeau, who worked at IBM and then became one of tech’s first female African American CEOs. She spoke about the struggles she had with being paid fairly, and the risk she took stepping away from her senior role at IBM to pursue her dream of being a CEO. I really enjoyed this webinar because she spoke about some of the issues that I may face as a woman going into business, and she was also very inspirational. Hearing from someone at such a senior level talk about the attitude she had as she was moving through the ranks was amazing, and she inspired me to focus on challenging myself. This advice is going to be very important for me moving forward and help me advance professionally and personally throughout the course of my career.

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