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IT Career Planning and Telling your Story

The webinar was for chosen MIS students who have achieved professional achievement points exceptionally during their Undergraduate time. Professor Dignan talked about new opportunities in the IT Sector concerning accounting, marketing, data science, cloud computing, etc. He also talked about how some firms are going to be affected by this pandemic and the technological transformation to an online format. He presented a chart of the length of recessions during World War 2 and how the trend was. He also talked about what estimations he has when going through that data to predict the recession due to COVID-19 and the technological demands. The second half of the webinar was the Q&A. A student was cautious about how their internship for 2021 was going to be affected since this student was hired by a big-4 four accounting firm for the internship in Summer 2021 and leadership in Summer 2020, and also the situation is that this firm has also canceled all Summer 2020 internships and postponed them to Summer 2021. Professor Dignan answered in a way that the HR department has a lot of pressure during this crisis and the firm is probably not going to resume their hiring only later and not this year anymore due to the changes. Since the student already has an offer with the firm, Professor Dignan asked him to be on board for that, while looking out for other opportunities that are available to the student. He also mentioned how Microsoft Azure, AWS, Python are going to be some required skills for MIS majors soon.

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