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KPMG : Ace the Case



This is a leadership event organized by KPMG during the summer term and I participated in the Summer 2018 session of this event. It was conducted on July 26th, Thursday and July 27th , Friday as a two day program in the KPMG\’s Philadelphia Office. I learned how to present before a crowd, we played scattegories (I learned that too), they also taught us how to approach a case when we are asked to prepare for a case competition. They gave a case on the second for which they gave us training on the first day. After they gave us the case they gave us 3 hours to prepare and after that we had a small discussion session with professionals and then we presented our solution. It was about flights, flight charges, improving airline system etc. There was no winner for this but they gave us strong feedback for this program. As an MIS major, I learned how to work with advanced technology as they gave us the latest generation of windows laptop and work with new features in Powerpoint. There was a cybersecurity major in our team who came from PennState Main campus and he also taught us new things with cyber security that most of our team member didn’t know. I also expect to become a risk advisory professional in the future so that I can apply both my accounting and MIS skills and this event added to my skillset.

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