Angelika Dimoka organizes workshop on neuroscience and information systems

neuroisworkshopAngelika Dimoka, Assistant Professor of Marketing and Management Information Systems organized a retreat on NeuroIS – the use of neuroimaging tools and theories to better understand the development and use of information and communication technologies in organizations and society. Recently, there has been an explosion in the use of brain imaging tools to study social sciences. Scientists in economics, psychology, and marketing, have teamed up with neuroscientists to examine a variety of phenomena and have made notable advances in understanding decision making and human behavior.

The NeuroIS retreat was held in Gmunden, Austria, September 22-24, 2009 to develop a research agenda, create new metrics, and provide tools for researchers in marketing, economics and information technology.  The retreat was attended by leading scholars from the US, Canada and Europe such as Izak Benbasat (British Columbia), Fred Davis (Arkansas), Alan Dennis (Indiana), David Gefen (Drexel), Alok Gupta (Minnesota), Detmar Straub (Georgia State), Rene Riedl (Linz) as well as Rajiv Banker and Paul Pavlou from the Fox School. The retreat resulted in a set of normative standards for conducting neuroimaging studies and foundations for establishing NeuroIS. For more details about the retreat, please visit

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