Digital badges recognize the professional achievements of MIS students

FOX MIS Grand MasterThe Community platform introduces digital badges to recognize the professional achievements of FOX MIS students. To be awarded a badge, students will add a custom developed widget to their eportfolio. Once the widget is added, the student will automatically receive the appropriate badge based on their professional development points.  The badge levels are:

  • Grand Master (2000 plus): The pinnacle of professional readiness. Grand Master’s have extensive experience in engaging with industry, have demonstrated extensive leadership and communication skills, and are likely to take on leadership roles in the future.
  • Master (1500 plus): The master of professional achievement. Master’s have gone above and beyond all the basic requirements and excelled in every category of professional development, career knowledge, networking and are expected to be stars in their careers.
  • Candidate (1000 plus): The complete well-rounded student. Candidates have excelled in meeting all the department’s requirements for professional development. They are ready for the workplace!
  • Apprentice (700 plus): Apprentices have started investing in their professional development early and are well on track to meet the department’s requirements for professional achievement.

The badges will go into full use at the start of the Fall 2013 term. To see examples, visit: or

Read the article by Peter Key of the Philadelphia Business Journal on the MIS Community platform!

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