Fox IT Advisory Board chooses winning BBA in MIS capstone project

ProjectShowcaseFox BBA in MIS students produced nine capstone projects in fall 2013. Under the guidance of industry mentors, the students designed and presented their creations for review to the Fox IT Advisory Board, an illustrious committee comprised of entrepreneurs and business leaders.

The roster of projects was particularly impressive this year, said professor and facilitator Munir Mandviwalla — a true testament to the quality of the BBA in MIS curriculum as well as the efficacy of each mentorship. After difficult deliberations, the board chose the project titled Groupstir as winner and recipient of an IBIT sponsored $500 prize.

“Groupstir, the brainchild of students Brian Schwitters, Jonathan Abraham, Brandon Roberts, and Scott Pawlowski and mentored by Joseph Spagnoletti of Campbell’s Soup, is a direct-to-consumer promotion platform designed specifically for restaurants, which enables businesses to increase volume during off-peak hours and create a social, engaged experience for its customers.

Members of our group have worked in the restaurant industry, and we discussed various ways to increase customer volume during off-peak hours…We really enjoyed getting to work with our mentor Joe Spagnoletti, and it was most rewarding to witness his excitement of our vision.
Groupstir member: Jonathan Abraham.

For the 2013 Spring semester members of the Fox School of Business IT Advisory Board volunteered as ‘mentors’ to student project teams in the MIS 4596 Information Systems Integration class. The mentors’ experience with the student project teams was so successful and enjoyable that there were many volunteers for [this] semester.
Fox IT advisory board Chairman Bruce Fadem

After such a fruitful project collaboration this year, Fox MIS looks forward to what students can cook up in 2014! Below is a recap of the rest of the group projects, followed by a complete list of the mentors. 3D Printing Services

Danielle Heller, Damon Isaac, Jennifer O’Malley, Caitlin Carr; Mentored by Ben Hasan, SVP, Walmart
A 3D Printing Service site that allows consumers to make personalized objects via a user-friendly interface.

TUFTs (Temple University Food Trucks)

Sam Lee, Su Tan, Igor LEONOV; Mentored by Niraj Patel
A time-saving app that displays the menus and availability of every food truck on campus.

P3: Perfect Project Planner

Richard Somerville, Xiao Liu, Kenneth Ho, Sam Berkowitz; Mentored by Harold Hambrose, CEO, Electronic Ink
A flexible application tool that allows professors and students to manage tasks, optimize schedules, and submit documents.

Clear Construct

Dan Van Norton, Jeff Garvey, Joe Musumeci; Mentored by Michael Bradshaw, VP and CIO, Lockheed Martin
A smartphone-compatible project management application for architects that consolidates costs and manages their businesses.


Caleb Harris, James Gitto, Eugene Kim, Andrew Nguyen, Christian Markel; Mentored by Craig Conway, Conway Technology Consulting Inc.
A computer program that analyzes body language, hand gestures, voice projection and more to evaluate, and improve the presentation abilities a company’s employees.


Nicholas Nendel, Jason Pan, Timmy Tran, Peter Yum, Joanna Zuo; Mentored by Andrea Anania
A peer-to-peer commerce network that allows students to offer various activities (or “quests”) that are securely reimbursed upon completion.


Maria Collette, Souraya Esreb, Adnette Kamugisha, Yevgeniy Kravets, Magen Sheeran; Mentored by Tim O’Rourke, Temple University 
A mobile security application for student and faculty that’s integrated with campus police and Blue Light systems.

Fresh Choices

Derek Hamner, Zep Shemuale, Brett Bedevian, Eboni Strawder, Iyana Lester; Mentored by Jeff Hamilton, Pfizer
An application that works with Fresh Grocer to find students the best food deals that support healthy eating.

Fox IT Advisory Board


  • Bruce Fadem – Chair; Retired CIO and VP of Wyeth
  • Andrea Anania – Retired VP and CIO of Cigna
  • Tim O’Rourke – VP and CIO, Temple University
  • Craig Conway – CTO
  • Jeff Hamilton – SVP, Pfizer
  • Michael Bradshaw – VP and CIO of Lockheed
  • Harold Hambrose – CEO, Electronic Ink
  • Ben Hasan – SVP, Walmart
  • Niraj Patel – Chief Strategy Officer, Elsag North America
  • Joseph Spagnoletti – VP and CIO, Campbell Soup Company

Additional Feedback

  • Mart Doyle – Professor, Temple University
  • David Schuff – Professor, Temple University
  • Joe Allegra – Senior Program Coordinator


  • Munir Mandviwalla
  • Bruce Hohne

See all the pictures of the event on Flickr, click here!

Credits: Pictures, Joe Allegra

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