Professional Achievement V3

Professional Achievement V3Professional achievement is professional development, career knowledge, leadership, networking, and readiness for the workplace. Professional achievement is different from academic achievement, both are important. Employers expect that new hires will have the skills and knowledge to perform their job and the savvy, communication skills, and relevant experiences to hit the ground running.

A high level of professional achievement shows employers that you can apply learning to practice, and that you can work with your peers and accomplish goals. Academic achievement is measured by GPA, professional achievement is measured by professional achievement points.

We have improved the program in fall 2015 as follows:

Points and eportfolio

  • Revised Professional Achievement Point earning model includes new point earning categories and revised point allocations (some allocations went up and some went down).
  • Professional achievement and reward points for certain activities are automatically awarded by the department (e.g., attendance at department events.).
  • Submit requests for activities such as internships by adding a new point request (post) to your e-portfolio. Once awarded, points are automatically displayed on the e-portfolio.
  • The Professional Achievement Widget will now automatically display Professional Achievement Points and badges on student eportfolios.
  • On November 18, all eportfolios will be automatically upgraded to the latest theme which integrates the Professional Achievement Widget. If you are using the latest theme, the change is seamless. Unexpected results may occur if you don’t have “FOXMISeportfolio_V6.” We recommend switching manually now. See:
  • Review and check on points on the Community Dashboard.

Professional and Academic Achievement Recognition and Rewards

  • Earn one ‘Reward Point’ for use in the MIS Store for each earned Professional Achievement Point. Reward points get deducted when they are used – professional achievement points never get deducted. The ‘prices’ in the store are now lower and the minimum is gone so you can get your favorite store item now!
  • Top professional achievement points and academic GPA leaders will earn a Professional and Academic Achievement Award Certificate and $250 Cash award twice a year. The criteria is:
    • Minimum GPA of 3.50
    • The highest total based on cumulative GPA + Professional Achievement Points
  • Top achievers receive new academic and industry engagement opportunities.
  • AIS will receive a cash award each term based on the number of points earned by AIS members. This means that AIS members get to double dip, earn points for yourself and earn points for your organization!

All of the above changes are live, learn more at:

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