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The Pros of Using System Analysis & Design for Your Business


This article by Vicki Benge highlights the benefits of systems analysis for improving the overall quality of a business. In a sense, it is a summary of Chapter 9 from “Information Systems Today,” and ties in elements previously discussed.  Generally, systems analysis is used to improve the efficiency and effectiveness within a business’s boundaries. One instance in which systems analysis can be implemented is for enabling the customization of software to better fit the needs of a firm. It also allows for improvements in weaker areas, including data processing. Second, it increases their competitiveness in their industry. Establishing a global market is a very common practice, and is sure to increase their “market coverage area” and profits through the implementation of ecommerce. Third, systems analysis can help identify new markets and opportunities leading to new procedures and increased quality. Finally, systems analysis helps maintain quality control while decreasing production costs.

Discussion Questions:

1. Which of the benefits of information systems do you think is most crucial for a business?

2. How do the benefits of system analysis and design differ from the benefits of ERP?

3. How does ERP relate to the motives of systems analysis and design?

2 Responses to The Pros of Using System Analysis & Design for Your Business

  • I think that the ability to customize the software for the firm is the most crucial for a business. I think it is most crucial because you are able to customize it as you want to protect you from outside threats. Also it will be what you want it to be so you can do anything that you think will be beneficial to your businesses’ needs.

  • Really great article and questions, Karina! THere are so many benefits, but having a holistic view of your firm and/or customers in one place is probably the best, in my opinion!

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