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Who’s Really at Risk When it Comes to Cyber Hacking?

This article debunks the notion that large businesses are targets of hackers. Everyday we see the media covering more and more cyber attacks that involve large corporations. This is a huge problem because it insinuates the notion that small businesses are safe from the hacking of their Information systems. The ones that go unnoticed are the small healthcare and financial institutions that get hacked everyday in the United States. The article talks about how 62% of cyber breaches involve small to mid-sized companies. It also goes on to state that 34,529 known computer security incidents happen per day in the U.S.

In a sense, it’s almost a feeding frenzy for these hackers because either the small businesses that they’ve hacked don’t know they’ve got hacked or they try to sweep it under the rug and pretend that it didn’t even happen. Until these businesses start to realize they are the real targets, they will continue to take on the majority of the hacking that goes on in the United States. Once they start implementing the preventative measures needed to mitigate the risks of cyber attacks, I truly believe these staggering numbers will drastically reduce.


1. What do you think Small to mid-sized businesses need to do to mitigate the risk of getting hacked?

2. What can lawmakers do to help contain the ever growing problem of cyber attacks?

3. Do you see cyber risks as an ever-growing problem for corporate America and if so, where does it rank it terms of problems that these companies face?

4 Responses to Who’s Really at Risk When it Comes to Cyber Hacking?

  • I think that cyber risks are an ever-growing problem for corporate America and it should be climbing the ranks to the top of problems they face. Society is getting more and more technologically savvy so I think it is getting easier for people to learn how to hack into things. I think small businesses need to put up better firewalls so that they won’t get hacked.

  • 1. Mitigating the risk of getting hacked is easier said than done. So much of today’s society heavily relies on the internet and that is exactly what causes their databases access to being hacked. If you want to eliminate the risk of being hacked all together you would need to disconnect from the Internet and keep your databases extremely private. Another way to mitigate this risk is to alter what sensitive information your store in your programs.

    2. Again this is a difficult topic for lawmakers as well. Cyber hacking is a skilled offense that isn’t always easy to catch, prove, etc. They already have laws in place to prosecute those who do violate the law. I think that lawmakers can continue to just enforce the law and do the best they can to catch those who choose to hack.

    3. Cyber risk are definitely an ever-growing problem for corporate America. Society continues to evolve into a tech savvy world and people continue to develop ways to hack into complicated databases. So long as we rely heavily on the internet this is a problem that will never disappear.

  • 2. I believe that there needs to be stricter penalties against the people who are hacking. This needs to be treated as a crime, with sever penalties and jail time. This will hopefully slow down the thought process that people have when hacking.
    3. Cyber security is quickly becoming one of the main concerns with corporations. Corporations that have been hacked are really hurt in the court of public opinion. This hurts the corporations bottom line and reputation.

  • This really makes the point about why small business are easy targets! “Their level of preparation is low, and the costs of customer notification alone can be enough to do a small company irreparable financial harm.” Great article!

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